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Official Reporting Thread: Pick Promotion Questions

Thread Starter Official Reporting Thread: Pick Promotion Questions
Johnny Detroit
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Mistakes happen to all humans. Even though our Pregame Pros are human, we expect them to be extraordinary humans when it comes to their daily obligations at With thousands and thousands of picks loaded, streaks updated, 99.99% of everything on a daily basis is accurate. But there is that 0.01% percent that will happen to even the most responsible and diligent individual. 

I try my best to monitor EVERYTHING that happens from the community to the Pros, but there are only so many hours in the day. So I want to use this thread and encourage you if u see any of the following:

Archives incorrect (rain-out, etc)
Promoting incorrect streak or record
Non-consensus line being used (should be available from at least 3 sportsbooks)
Packages not updated by the time promised by the Pro

This is about working on perfecting what we do right.  We are the leader of the industry amongst the top selling sites when it comes to what we do.

I will not tolerate and will moderate any bashing, hate filled posts or trying to debate things we are not doing (as of now).

In the event the Pro violates any of the above:

1st Correction: Public explanation and apology to the community
2nd Correction: Suspension for rest of month

I would love to hear  feedback on this idea of having all this in one place to be logged and so nothing slips through the cracks. Is this something you feel the buyer and non-buyer alike will appreciate? If so, let us know.

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I would like to see anyone who has a question on a record or likewise issue at least bring it up civilly with that person in private message to address before turning it over for public shame and torture.  like you said, accidents and mistakes do happen, if everyone would at least make the attempt to politely discuss things through before escalating to this thread it would be great.

That aside, I think this thread will work well provided pregame keeps it closely moderated.  Good luck

Johnny Detroit
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I will be watching this thread daily.

Ken Thomson
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I trust you will do what is in the best interest of and the consumers as well JD...that's why I signed on!!

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Amen LC...maybe if everyone treated each other with respect and tried to handle differences in private, the world (and this board) would be a much better place! Well said!

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Spoken like a real man right here!!!

it is what it is

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This is great Johnny.  Speaks volumes to how PREGAME is different than other sites.  

Great idea.

Bama man
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This is a great idea. I've never seen a lust of guidelines or rules or policies that pregame abides by. not only that this is a great platform to ask questions about issues that arise or could arise. I don't belueve there is any real problem with deception but by having this thread and I would suggest and recommend everyone be required to read at least the introduction and understand what is expected from everyone on both sides of the fence at Pregame. I'm sure the pros already know but the clients really don't. Being accurate is the only way to guarantee satisfied pros and clients or semi-pros.Making moneyis stimulating and the reason we are theoretically here, however,the only way to have a co tented group is being truthfully accurate. And I belueve that is exactly why this thread is an outstanding idea. BOL and Beat Regards to everyone!

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God Forbid anyone should ever question the integrity of a Pregame "Pro". These guys are as pure as the driven snow.

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Good Idea! But if there was no intent to deceive I think the month suspension is harsh!

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