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Serious note here, its been fun

Thread Starter Serious note here, its been fun
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No reply needed on this statement

One thing I love about this site is you can teach people to learn.  That was honestly the idea of this site.  When JD had his old site, it was about learning.  It was about teaching people the fundamentals of this business.  Over the years, it has diminished and people are not looking to become better handicappers, they are just looking for that score.  I have always had a problem with that recently.  Trends.  I never got in this buisness for the money, I got into it because I loved the competition of the beating the line.  That was a thrill to me.  I took my bumps and I took glory too.  Had rough weeks and months, but I was always grinding to be a better handicapper.  I always tried to teach what I learned from my mistakes to others. 

I have noticed over the last few months that my desire to cap games is not where it was when I entered this buisness.  That is when I realized that I need to step back trying to help others, but help myself.  But, lets be honest...nobody really cares about that.  Pregame will always be a part of me and Ill still be around, just not as transparent.  There used to be a day where I loved coming into this forum posting information and picks, Im not on that level anymore and its not right for me to contribute to something where im not 100% dedicated to give the best to everyone.  Believe it or not, to those that follow me and email me, thank you.  Ill always be there to answer questions.  If anyone else needs advice, ill give the same.  If JD or RJ needs anything, they know im here for them and can email me.  Ill always be there for them. 

Good luck Pregame.  Its been fun.  Take care and cash them tickets. 

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Halo you are a solid capper and anyone that has followed your plays or what you have been able to do in the tourneys knows that. You are a great asset here and part of the reason a lot of people posts is due to the hard work and dedication you put into running great capping contests.


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Good luck. Everyone hits their limit sooner or later. Appreciate all your knowledge and insight, and everyone else for that matter.

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Best wishes Halo.

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Thanks Halo for your contests, picks and devotion to PreGame. Some legends are self inscribed, real ones are there without any fanfare.

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Halo if its just time away i understand that....But i will say i care about being a better handicapper...and u have helped me with a buncha things..u know this..we have had talks..and the things u do everyone!!...even the new guy..who often sits behind closed doors, and says nothing...What u do here is VALUE for everyone...I think the more YOU contribute, the better YOU and WE can be !!!...I do appreciate all u do man..don't get it twisted...and im already bummed out that we have lost and limited some of the greats in this forum over the last few just sux sometimes.

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Thanks for all you have done here, Halo, enjoy your respite, and we'll look forward to your return !!

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Much respect Halo, You do a lot for the community here. All the best my friend

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Much respect Halo, best of luck with your journey my friend!

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I feel you.. good luck


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