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About Ken:

Ken’s first job announcing was in the US Navy back in the 1980’s, aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Ranger. In 25 years of broadcasting since, Ken has called games for multiple universities, plus 4 years co-hosting a talk show with Bob Golic, and his current Last Vegas radio show blasting 50,000 watts to 13 surrounding states.

When did you start betting?
As a teenager I got hooked trying to figure out the winners versus the betting lines listed in the Newark Star-Ledger.

Handicapping highlight?
Winning a record 14 consecutive picks featured in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Handicapping Style?
I take a scout’s approach to sports betting . . . weighing out all information: streaks, trends, situational factors – and most of all, watching games and scouting the teams. I have watched thousands of game – plus 25 years of broadcasting has given me an advantage from traveling with teams and knowing the politics of the game and referee's tendencies. 

Best sports?
1a) College basketball. 1b) College football. Less volume in other sports, but I watch, handicap and bet them all!

Teams follow most closely . . .
I like nailing smaller conferences around middle of the season as I feel the books are still figuring them out and I've got them down. I have personal connections with the many teams I have announced for in the past, giving me special insight into their games.

Pick Analysis?
You will always know why I lean to a game and I will not just give out a game to play or because it's on TV . . . my job is to make you money not entertain you.

When picks released?
Weekdays by 8:00 am PT. Weekends by 7 am PT.

Be straightforward and honest - we all lose games, but I feel I'm good enough to make you solid money so I'm not gonna BS you! My faith in God is first and foremost and I try to hand down wisdom from the screw-ups in my life so I can save them the heartaches I’ve been through. I adore my daughter, she is my motivation.

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HEY KT.  How do you rate ALL PRO status with 319 Posts?

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That is "Conversation" that has that many post not Ken BTW

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Welcome Ken! Where the Hell have you been?



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Welcome to the team and best of luck!

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Just a joke Dmoney.  Kt is a friend

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Top 25 Contributor is lucky to have Ken Thomson onboard. After you listen to him for a while, his depth of knowledge will make him a must-follow.


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Kens knowlede about teams, players , and coaches is amazing.

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Won Colorado 76-53. Congratulations

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Welcome Ken. Have enjoyed your radio work for years.

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