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Luck is at this point & time 5 times better than Flacko or whoever that Ravens QB's Name is!!!!!!!!!! unreal
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Really??? Which QB was the winner???


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understood Sir, but Luck was at 1 time or the other playing better than Flaco plus Luck is a better QB than Flaco i had the ravens-6.5 and very happy to win still Flaco Sucks and just watch him next week against Den up there... No disrespect intended towards anyone  ... just my 2 cents...

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no disrespect... but what was your reason for posting this??

just makes you look like a hater for no reason

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luck is obviously a better QB, that's why he was picked #1. flacco has his moments and games, but its not consistent enough to be in the top level of QB's that he claims that he is with. maybe he should think twice before calling himself "elite".

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Exactly,  Flacco claims to be elite,  but anyone who self proclaims like that usually isnt.  Flacco is a mid level QB and will always be one.  Facts are facts.

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didn't mean to across as a Flacco hater, but he was playing like a dog at the time of comments.. Luck on the other hand was doing good besides getting bang around & yet he was making the plays fortunally he didn't get in end zone as mentioned i had the ravens-6.5 for some decent change.. that's all,  no hate involved in my comments..just bottom line facts

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Poor Luck, he can't throw the ball and catch it too. Had some key drops yesterday. He has a helluva bright future ahead of him.

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I'll still take Russell anyday....he has more FB sense than the other two (Luck and RG3) combined. His 19 TD passes to 0 INTs in the red-zone make that pretty clear, IMO.

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Actually, Luck would still be playing next week should he be so

good. Flacco, Wilson, Rodgers, Matty Ice, kappernick Tom Brady

Peyton Manning and Schaub are the 8 elite qb's this year.

Wilson is a Rookie, RG3, I believe may still be playing if his

knee was 100%( maybe not) and Abdrew Luck had a great

rookie year. To get the info that would validate the claim

That Luck is better than Flacco can be calculated by a guy like

Steve Fezzick or Chris Andrews.

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