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Greg Shaker
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Welcome Steve Fezzik! This is awesome news!!

Best of Luck here Big Guy..

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Welcome to the team Steve. Wishing you all the best.

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Tough start to first day with individual picks, hope you are still killing it in other program
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Wow that was never close. Rough start
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Fez, I love your work. Follow your audio every day. Can you get PreGame to change this picture. Your old twitter pic was better.
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Nice call on the under in the Spurs game.I hope their all this easy!
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Is your CBB pick for 3/16 an early or late game?
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How come it has -2 and -2.5 NM game?
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Play was on Nmex Plus 2.5 yesterday.  I wrote up the play when the line was 2, but released it when it went to +2.5

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