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Anyone else use teamrankings dot com? Excellent website with volumes of info on each game,stats,ats trends, total trends, and even predictions. Not the end all be all but i thought i would share

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I just checked it out. Took a quick 10 minute tour - pretty cool stuff. Thanks, MadCap!

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yea, using that for CBB....was great early but regressed last couple days, but that was expected  based on pace it was on....

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Top Notch site use it all the time.

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Excellent site. I have actually contacted them looking for more stats. They got back to me quickly and were very friendly. In the end they couldn't help me but steered me in the right direction.

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Thanks for posting.



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Hey no problem guys. Can never have too many tools. Nbastuffer dot com is a great one for strictly NBA also. They evrything from pace of play stats to referee stats. Feel free to post any websites you use as tools that you feel may be of use

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