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Tony George - Enough is Enough

Thread Starter Tony George - Enough is Enough
Tony George
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Today marks the end of my participation in the Pregame Forum for 4 weeks, and possibly longer.  A self imposed ban to regain my composure after this weekends attacks on my integrity as a Professional Handicapper here.  Not looking for any type of sympathy nor would I accept any, this is a hard decision, but after careful thought and consideration, this is nessasary for me.

I lowered myself to argue with, and have drama with, a bunch of uninformed, bottom feeder haters this weekend and that is not me, and quite frankly a complete waste of my time.  Any of the old school regulars know me far better than to cater to these types. 

I have spent 21 years in this business building a brand and a fair and honest reputatuion, I am not going to subject myself to having certain types destroy it in a forum with unregulated character assaignations. 

In my perspective as a professional who has dedicated countless hours of free content in here over the past 4 -5  years on a steady basis it is futile as a Pregame Pro to come in here, showcase my about 75%  opinions and wares for FREE that I put into Pregame, lose a big game, and then take responsibility for it, and take that type of hatred and abuse that is prevalent in the community as of late, is more than I care to absorb with the responsibilities I have in place to regular Pregame Pros clients.

I am not bitching or whinning or pissed off about it, just walking away from it for an long while to concentrate on my craft for those who expect my best daily, and to uphold the standards in which RJ and JD have set forth to their cappers. I shall give them 100% of my time, which they deserve.

My offerings and any and all free plays will be on my profile page moving forward.  It is easy to fin them if you want them.

My friends in the forum I will read your posts, and to the regulars I interact with, I will miss that but will continue to follow your posts, as I respect and value them.

There will be no responses from me in this thread.   I wish you the best of luck.



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Tony George just became one of my favorite handicappers on this site.   Simply put he handles business professionally.  He has show that he knows his own faults (getting caught up in chippy bullshit) and rather than feed it..he is stepping away.   Top notch character trait to be able to do that.   Applause and respect for Tony G.

Jeff Scott Sports
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Very sorry to hear this Tony. Its a shame that that has happened to you. Your interaction will be missed and your info will be missed as well. You are a class guy and I wish you all the best during your break. Take care my friend.

"Negative people will always try and drag you down to their level. Love them, but always rise above them."

There may be people that have more talent than you, but there's no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.

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i always stop what im doing when you enter in a thread, appreciate you stopping by in some threads of mine in the past offering input, normally better than most that gets offered up in these threads.

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Pretty drastic considering you only misused GOY. Then again I would be upset with myself also. GL come back soon.

I am glad Pregame allows all veiws. If some people find it warranted or not.

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Good for you. It's a shame you have to, but no one can blame you. What went on the past two days has been absurd. Enjoy the time out of the forums. BOL

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Yes, Tony, enough is enough. I say this with respect.....maybe you need a few days to figure out if you have the right perspective. Maybe it's time to realize that maybe, just maybe, you need to take a harder look at what is really going on here, take a step back and realize that the question of integrity swings both ways.

Here is what I am talking about....

This is just one example of many......just this weekend on your home page you advertised a play for Sunday as a Triple Dime Monster TOP PLAY. You also claim to be undefeated on your NFL Triple Dimes (when going through your last 100 plays I found 1 game that fit that criteria, Cincy on 11/18).

Please realize that I am not the type of person that would ever bash a handicapper for a losing pick, but I am also not the type of person that would ever buy a pick touted as a Triple Dime Moster TOP PLAY. Tony, when you use that type of marketing, you are attracting the type of player that will bash you when you send him a losing pick. With your very own marketing tactics, you have chosen (willingly, or not) to do business with the very type of individual that will be swayed by Triple Dime Monster TOP PLAY advertising and who will come on here and go crazy when the pick you send them gets crushed.

It's a double edged want people to be attracted to your marketing schemes, but you want those very same people to be intelligent enough to realize this is a war, not a battle, and to refrain from bashing you when you send them an occassional loser. Not going to happen Tony, not in a million years.

Look around the forum, the handicappers that get the most outrageous bashing are usually the ones that make the most outrageous boasts about their records, etc....The handicappers that stay under the radar and somewhat blandly go about their business are usually the guys that avoid all of the nonsense that accompanies a losing weekend.

In my humble opinion, walking away from the forum for the next 4 weeks is a mistake. I'm guessing this is your busiest time of the year. Take 4 weeks off in February when the season is over and you can really decompress. For now, answer the bashers with dignity and grace. They bought into your marketing about a Game of The Year, they sent you some money, and one of the things they get to do is come on here and spout off when they lose. Is that really a big deal?

By answering these clowns with dignity and grace you accomplish two things.....1) It lets them know you appreciate their business and 2) It lets the rest of us know that you are a true professional that can't be swayed or deterred by the occassional rantings of a bunch of nimrods.

I also see a disturbing trend that many handicappers seem to use as a shield. Here goes.......If you want to offer something for free, then don't continually act as though we should somehow be in your debt or hold you to a different standard because you give out so much free information. There, I said it.

It's a very disturbing trend. "I give out picks for free so please look at me differently". Tony, you did that very thing in your post. You described yourself as a guy that put in countless hours of free content over the past 4-5 years and then somehow used that to describe how that should place you above the nonsense. I think I can understand your position, but don't see how one directy effects the other.

Are there people pressuring you for free information? If you are using free information to draw in more customers, then that seems to be a tactic you choose to employ. If you are not comfortable giving out free picks, then maybe it's time to revisit your business model.

Tony, if you swim in the kiddie pool you are going to get pissed on from time to time. If you market to the nimrods and dipsticks, you are going to get bashed by a bunch of idiots when you lose. Plain and simple.

The best revenge is living well.

Best wishes for continued success -

Joe D

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You will be missed

remember...even Jesus couldn't please everyone,

So where does that leave the rest of us?

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Wow sorry to see u go off for a few . I look forward to your picks and insight it was a wealth of info sometimes I agreed and sometimes not, but that's what makes this site so great. To all who are on here good luck and keep fighting and staying strong . Screw the bastards  that can only complain about the losing . Just buy the picks for info nothing else see if u missed something that they have on there post or pick. To all have a good day and lets yell as much about the wins as the loses. Whoa ya ...

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                                                    Sorry to hear this 


                                                 Best Wishes, Tony!

                                              eagerly await your return


                                             "We’re all mad here" said the CatImage result for alice in wonderland cheshire cat 

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