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Pregame Xmas Charity

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I've had this thought for awhile and now I'll throw it out to the community for feedback.

What if Pregame designated one or more non-profit organizations that the Pregame members can make donations to? I'm sure that everyone who actively participates at Pregame whether it's posting forum picks, using forum picks, buying picks from the pros, and using the Pregame videos to help them with their betting - all of these things have helped us make money and have certainly made me a better and more knowledgeable sports gambler.

With the holidays coming, I'm sure the community could generate several thousand dollars for Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, or some deserving group. 

All it would take is for Pregame to setup a Paypal account or even do it through their own online service (like when you buy picks). I think this would make a great statement to the gambling community at large and it would certainly make the Pregame community stronger.

Can you imagine RJ on the Colin Cowherd show being able to say "Yeah, here at Pregame we've managed to raise XX dollars for Toys for Tots." How cool would that be?

I'd appreciate your thought and comments. And if you think this is a good idea, email Johnny and let him know.

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sounds good to me.......after last week Im taking donations too,lol

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We can donate picks to the less fortuniate !  Like my self woot woot

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