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i bought the Buried Treasures from Mike Hook for 1 dll right? but i thought it was for a day, i dont want to pay more, what can i do?
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After the trial how do you cancel the suscription?
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I went 93-70 in Dr Bob's Football Pick'Em contest (weeks 7-17 regular season...picked every game during those weeks... I finished in the top 20 and now I'm in the playoff portion of the competition. (Invitation only for the top 20.) I finished up 112 U in the 2012 MLB regular season. How do you get a job as a professional in this industry? I do it full-time and pay the bills handicapping for myself. I figure it couldn't hurt to make some money selling picks that I play in all the major sports. I just need a break to get in the business. If not, I'll just keep doing it for myself.
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Did you get a response to this? I'm wondering the same thing.
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I wont buy this until I know that the thing cancels after a week. Any one?
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I purchased morning moves for the 1 dollar special and the day before I emailed support to let them know I wanted to cancel. They got back to me within 2 hours to let me know it was done. There has been no further charges to my credit card. I have also in the past purchased multiple picks and sometimes it is the same game. I just email support and they refund you the last pick that was similar.
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they have always been very good at canceling...just send an email and its done....I've done it a few times
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E mail Johny Detriot he will cancel for you

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U get what u pay for offers a different insight about 50% winners
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