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Sportsbook Spy Dedicated Conversation Thread . . .

Sportsbook Spy Dedicated Conversation Thread . . .
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why cant i post
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I would be nice to be able to go back and look at (x) date.


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the line drop on GB is due to Kyle Orton getting the start, the public thinks hes better than Palco.
Bryan Leonard
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That information was out early in the week. Major money move on the Chiefs across the board.

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wish we could pull this up historically and not just the day of
Planned for version next.


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its reverse line movement which can mean that they know something that the bettor doesnt in which case means instead of the line moving up which nornally happens when the action is one-sided its moving in the opposite direction.. its something you definitely want to take into consideration as being 1 part of the puzzle when deciding if its a good play or the right side..
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Zona looks like a play.  Bengals won't show up.
todd j
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Any reason why I'm unable to see the %'s of the early bowl games?  Is anyone else having this problem?
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