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PB: Warriors/Thunder means plenty tonight

PB: Warriors/Thunder means plenty tonight
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@ David!!

another way to possibly exploit this matchup tonight is OKC first half and/or first quarter. okc has outscored their opponents by a combined 53 points in the first half on their current 5 game winning streak!! jumping out to early leads and coasting on the back end. with revenge on their minds i could see okc trying to jump out to another early lead tonight

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What about the altitude

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Excellent analysis as usual accompanied by some great classic R& doubt the emotions will still be running quite high tonight even with KD not in the lineup. Heck even the front office's are getting involved....... as a Dubs fan not too excited to see them criticizing the OKC FO, but that's where things are at in today's world.

I will be keeping my eye on Draymond he really seems to have KD back, and was pretty upset at Kantor for his antics (while sitting on the bench no less). He is going to be putting his nose into everything down low tonight, and I hope the refs are going to take control of this game as it "could" get ugly if they don't. I hope we see a good competitive game (would love to see Steph and Russ both go off in a fireworks type of game...I'm sure that folks at TNT will love that too...there we some good signs albeit against weaker competition last home-stand, but there were nice contributions from others and most importantly Klay and Steph looked like themselves again...hopeful the public hits OKC hard and I can get a little more than the -1.5 that i see now :)

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Dave what do you think of putting some Mavs+4 in pocket, primarily for the chance of GS resting one or more of their key players tomorrow night?

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One of the great things about march madness is the total absolute randomness of it. All the power rankings, conference rankings and strength of schedule in the world can't help you predict these outcomes. Most of the games are so close that they often come down to a few key breaks in the last few minutes. A call here, a non-call there. You'll hear broadcasters talk about heart and character and how a team 'knows how to win.'  It's all non-sense. Would anyone have been the least bit surprised if Xavier, South Carolina, Wisconsin or Michigan got beat in the first round? Obviously the answer is no. But will anyone be surprised if any of them make the final 4? At this point the answer is also no. I'm enjoying the hell out of the tournament but I would not draw any conclusions about the strength of the ACC because of these results. If they played these games over again we could easily see that record reversed.

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Dave what do you think of putting some Mavs+4 in pocket, primarily for the chance of GS resting one or more of their key players tomorrow night?

I am not sure if I would necessarily want to take that lead - if the Warriors lose tonight, that becomes a rather important game in the standings.

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Are you referring to Cal-Bakersfield?  Bakersfield is very close to elevation.  No, not Rockie Mountain type, but you don't need to drive far be 2000 feet up.

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Dave, a couple weeks ago I asked you about recommendations for downtown Vegas.  We had a fantastic time.  Road tripped to the Westgate for Juwan Evans' buzzer beater for OK St.  Absolute pandemonium.  The app is definitely the only way to go to play there.  Was at Pizza Rock for Gonzaga flying over the total.  Really good pizza, but the meatballs were outstanding.  Great beer selection and place to watch the game.  The hidden gem we stumbled upon was the Main Street casino and brewery.  Watched a lot of ball there.  Great set up, and the beer, while not outstanding by Oregon standards was pretty decent and better than what you get most places in Vegas.  The service was fantastic too.  And it was a place where we could easily get to a double deck blackjack table with $10 minimums after the game.

So I have one question for you.  Fezzik talks about rolling over money line bets as opposed to buying a future.  Now 5dimes offers open parlays.  Would you get even higher odds if you were to buy an open parlay and then roll over the money line bets that way rather than make separate bets each game? Thank you, as always.

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Only the good die young proven again.

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I'm looking at Bucks +5 > Blazers for Tuesday.  They are defending their homecourt in their first game back after three consecutive dog wins on the road.  The Bucks are off a drubbing at the hands of the Warriors and have had 2 days to prepare for this interconference game, before playing a B2B next day at the Kings. Both teams are playing well after the all-star break.

This idea is basically a contrarian play hoping the Bucks catch the Blazers a bit less prepared, less rested, and less hungry.  Or do you think the Blazers are for real and the Bucks are a little bit smoke-and-mirrors?  The Blazers' three wins in three dog nights on the road is impressive.

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