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Election Betting Recap

Election Betting Recap
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If Donald Trump had authentic orange skin like Barrack, not just fake. If his middle name was Hussein, and was born in a place that literally had just became a State. Even though spent little time their, spent most of youth in Indonesia, plus groomed by the CIA and was SELECTED to run for office. There might be some merit into digging deep into background/birthplace. But I think were safe with the Donald, He's a New Yorker, that loves women, making money, and burnt, well done Steaks. He's not to complicated. Just say "Wall" and "Jobs"  a Million times.

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Who won Michigan?  My book still hasn't settled that bet?

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Trump won for sure! Electoral College!

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Michigan not settled yet.  Trump leads.  They have until the 28th I believe to make the results official.

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On the day he announced his candidacy, Donald Trump was a 250/1 longshot to be the next U.S. President!

$140 Million (U.S) bet on the Presidential Election at a single site alone (Betfair). This was Betfair’s biggest market on any event ever.

Graph of General Election odds since September (with major events noted):

Actually 248 million

You want a handicapping tip?  Spend as much time getting a good number as you do researching games. Depositing/withdrawing/depositing/withdrawing is a pain, but I guarantee you will lose less, or win more.  I can't guarantee that for any other piece of advice 

"There is no such thing as luck, just random fluctuations of probability"

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LOL Spartan

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