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7 Important Facts that Make Pregame Different!

7 Important Facts that Make Pregame Different!
Ralph Michaels
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When I left Northcoast Sports and Phil Steele Publications I had many options on where to sell my plays and what group to be a part of. I chose PG for all the above reasons.

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I've been with pregame since 2007. I take pride in being part of the biggest and most successful site of it's kind on the internet. As my buddy Dave Essler said above, it does take the right mindset to be a pro at pregame. The amount of info and time shared by the pros with the community dwarfs all other sites. Also, no other site has the transparency that pregame has. When you're at the top in your field, there's always going to be agendas and haters. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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If selling picks is only 5% of what this site does, and seemingly causes 95% of the fuss that this site generates, then why sell picks at all? Isnt that the clear and obvious solution?

I have been coming to PG for years. I enjoy the content. I can't recall purchasing a pro pick outside of the bonus picks that are offered. Yet I frequent the site daily. I dont think that I am the only person that takes advantage of the amazing content that this site offers without purchasing picks.

I think RJ is either over estimating the value of professional picks, or, there is truly a business plan behind pro picks that is not clear to subscribers. I would be hard pressed to believe that selling picks is the back bone of this website as it is currently outlined.

The article brought some interesting things to light. But hey, I am still here.

Greg Shaker
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This is the 1st and probably going to be the only Selling Site I will ever be with except for some Private Clients who have been with me for many years. I was asked to be part of Pregame back in 2007. I can honestly say that RJ does not take any crap. You do things right here or you get out. In fact I was told I had to deliver X amount of Free Content just to be ALLOWED to Sell Subscriptions here. In addition posters here keep all of us in line. Sometimes overboard!! Ha..

People that know me best know that I have made some good financial decisions during my life and that I don't even need the income that Pregame provides me. I am here because Pregame IS Totally above board and I would not be if it were not..

I have noticed that since Pregame's Inception more sites similar to this one have popped up although they are not nearly as thorough as Pregame. That tells me that we are Leaders in the industry and are NOT Part of the problem, instead fixing the problems related to our industry in the past..

For these reasons and the fact that Per My Contract I get FREE PIZZA every Friday, I ain't going nowhere!

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What drew me in was the "FREE" content and pro's.

Being a Community Capper I take great pride in being part of this group of individuals. I take just as much pride if not more being part of the forum community. I've made some great friends and often times we talk about things in life besides sports. This community will rally around someone having questions or issues within this business and outside of it with someone's normal everyday life. I really like that about Pregame.

Pregame doesn't have "INSIDE INFORMATION" like other sites claim.

Pregame doesn't sell "Human Locks Of The Year" type of advertising.

If you read and believe the "Nat' Enquirers" of the sports industry..Well then, that's on you.

The "FREE" content is bar none the best in the industry.

Here are some snippets from today's show. Some very good info here. PREGAME #1

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Stephen Nover
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No other pick site that I'm aware of has a higher standard than Pregame when it comes to putting out a pick. Instead of getting the best number at the time you make your play, Pregame's standard is to take the consensus, or worse number, out of six sportsbooks offered. It's disappointing that a recent article failed to point this out even though it was brought to the writer's attention.

You would think, too, that if objectivity was trying to be achieved in the article there would have been mention of David Malinsky's daily Point Blank posting thread, which is free and in my view contains the best information/conversation/handicapping advice/opinions of any sports betting site in North America. This is exclusive to Pregame.

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Is your Twitter account separate from Does any sportsbook pay you to promote their prices on you Twitter feed?

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JR ODonnell

Jr O checks in here and I have been a professional capper for 20 years, in those 20 years I have been associated with a ton pick sites. Some good and some not so good, Bottom line is that and its community has been flat out the best that I ever worked with period!!, I consider it a privilege to be a Pro here and give 100% to the forum and my clients, I am a creature of habit & my daily routine has me hitting the ground every day at 4:30 am to cap the action and post very early. As the Jr O brand has grown over time so does the criticism and comments on the excitement put into my posts & work, the Ka BOOOOM, let’s roll etc., hey that’s me and that’s my style, I want to show people that Im passionate about the work I do , in closing RJ has given the sports world a place to interact , exchange ideas and develop a close relationship among sports betters, you cant put a cost on that, to me its super !!!!!! !


Be well JRO


Can I ask you what your record is here at Pregame??

JR ODonnell
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sure ..

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Lloyd Christmas
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JR ODonnell

sure ..

3* Overall All Sports 504-442 Run & 3-1 LAST 4 GM OF YEARS & 302-279-9 All Sports Run all posted on the home page ...


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If this doesn't sum it up....

The guy asks for your record at Pregame and you respond with 3 different "runs".  Units won/lost not included 

You want a handicapping tip?  Spend as much time getting a good number as you do researching games. Depositing/withdrawing/depositing/withdrawing is a pain, but I guarantee you will lose less, or win more.  I can't guarantee that for any other piece of advice 

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