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Pregame Principles: Online Sportsbooks

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With new site visitors all the time, and the media attention that comes with Pregame’s growth, it’s important to make a few of our core principles 100% clear. – as well any company I have any involvement with – refuses to accept ANY money from any online sportsbook. This has been my policy for many years.

The truth of our position is easy to see ... anyone who has visited Pregame knows we don't promote online sportsbooks. When one has an interesting bet, or makes an interesting statement, we'll report and attribute the source. No promotion, Never. 
There’s two good reasons for this:

* It’s a gray legal area – and we are trying to build something lasting with Pregame so it has not been and will never be worth the risk.

* Taking sportsbook money opens up many possible conflicts between the sportsbooks and the welfare of bettors. Long ago I committed to making bettors Pregame’s uncompromised focus.

Most of our competitors take money from sportsbooks. They are unavoidably compromised by this. What happens when reporting the truth about a sportsbook gets in the way of an advertising deal? What happens when a competitor - receiving a percentage of its player's losses - makes more money from losing picks than winning picks? Unavoidably compromised.

Many of these competitors couldn't stay in business without this sportsbook money. But, I believe more than ever that a site like Pregame that focuses 100% on the bettors, on improving his betting experience, can be successful. And I want to thank this community for helping Pregame prove that fact every day!

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Well Put RJ... Continued Success....

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Pregame is not a gambling site ..We are here for entertainment and fun!

Make picks area smart as hell.

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