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Simon - Conversation with the Pregame Pro

Thread Starter Simon - Conversation with the Pregame Pro
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I consider it my sincere pleasure to be among the first to step into this thread and welcome my friend Simon to the Pregame team. I strongly suspect it is the beginning of a strong successful run with the firm. Best wishes pal for continued success.

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Lets go!!! Cant wait
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A great guy and a great follow..Simon has had one hell of a run in CFB..Keep it rollin !! of luck .

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BOL this bowl season Simon.

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Keep it going strong Simon..congratz
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Get all of Simon's Bowl Picks

The case could be made that Simon has helped the Pregame Community win more money collectively than any poster … literally year after year of winners.

His 2015 College Football season had the entire sports betting Internet salivating … 27-11 ATS on the season (71% winners right in front all of our eyes). This followed his 83% winners in March Madness earlier this year.

With a platform as big as Pregame’s, performances like Simon’s generate attention – and cash offers. Obviously Simon has proven his generosity over many years when it comes to giving freely to the community … but it’s equally obvious that being paid for hard work is appealing for most anybody.

When Simon announced that he had an opportunity for significant earnings, and would not be able to post at Pregame during the college bowls, I felt obligated to reach out and see if we could find a mutual-win between us. What I discovered from our conversation is just how strongly Simon felt about the Pregame community … and this made me even more motivated not to lose him. Fortunately, Simon was equally motivated and we were able to find a way to make it work …

I’m excited that will be the only place to get Simon’s Bowl picks.

The SIMON 7 subscription is the ONLY WAY to get ALL of Simon’s Bowl picks. The discounted subscription price is $149. Those who act fast also get an early-bird bonus of $25 Pregame Dollars as part of the SIMON 7 package. We are throwing in the bonus $25 Pregame Dollars so subscribers can cherry-pick the most appealing best bet from any other Pro during the Bowl season.

Simon 7 - Early-Bird Subscription Available Now

Most of Simon’s picks will also be available by individual purchase for $29. Simon’s first best bet goes Saturday, and is now available for individual purchase.

But keep in mind, NOT ALL of Simon’s picks will be sold individually … the only way to get all of his Bowl picks is with the SIMON 7 subscription.

Simon and I both wanted to make sure even the smallest bettors could benefit from his college expertise, so at least 3 additional picks from Simon will be available for free in the forums.

7 + 3 = at least 10 high-confidence picks from Simon.

The thousands who have followed Simon and benefited from his crazy winning percentage don’t need to be convinced of how valuable his picks are … but there’s a human tendency to procrastinate – so here’s a nudge to act fast …

The first best bet in the SIMON 7 goes on Saturday, and is available right now … don’t delay and let the line move against you … PLUS, the early-bird bonus $25 ends soon … Act now and don’t miss even one of Simon’s Bowl Winners > Visit Simon’s homepage now

P.S Simon tells me that he expects at least 2 – and maybe 3 – of his famous “WTF” plays this bowl season. He didn’t lose a single WTF all season!!

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Always great to have a positive winner on board..
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Are there write ups with these picks Simon?

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ALL THE BEST! ...WELC0ME BOSS... Keep crushing !!!!!!

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