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The team is extremely excited about this - and though it goes without saying, I want to say that WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT THE COMMUNITY.

Thanks! We should all be proud . . . and, it's just the beginning! 

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congrats RJ

Jeff Scott Sports
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THis is awesome news. Congrats to everyone.

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Congrats RJ

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RJ- This is just a question and i'm not doing a smart comment- so please dont blast me like you always do and think i'm out being bias towards you. The list says consumer products and services- i see the services- can a customer buy products such as t shirts, hats etc.

if so, can i email you because I would like to buy 10 pregame t shirts to distribute as some prizes to some folks in town

Danny Action
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Pretty cool stuff. Congrats R.J.

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Congrats  RJ and all pregammers

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Congrats RJ

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Wow. I forget.that you are running a business. Congrats to all.

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