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Announcement: David Malinsky joins

Announcement: David Malinsky joins
Eric Cogdell
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Welcome aboard Dave. I am familiar with your work and I must say, RJ  I am indeed impressed.

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Looks like the old Covers gang is together again.

razorback fan
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David Malinsky
That marathon was of no impact to Justin Verlander, who had already traveled ahead to Pittsburgh, and who has steadied his game after getting more than a week off for the All Star break – a 2-1/3.14, with a 1.12 WHIP. But here is where the value focus can sharpen – Verlander has worked to a 1.80 tune over the first five innings of those four starts.

good "point"...... also the tiger got plenty of batting practice, racking up 22 hits in a real game situation.  may be of no surprise to see the tiger carry a swinging momentum in this contest to aid Justin with some needed run support.  in addition, the extra affair probably left little time for post game party and shananagins.  plenty of time to catch air and still be well rested in this situation.  nothing like washing out the taste of defeat in a brutal beat, than a win.

at some point in this conversation, one might think it odd that yesterday's news of mccutchins stepping down to the DL would still prove "news worthy," however, the pirate overcame the baldasterous claims of ineptness in his absence, and gave convincing effort.  tony stew mowing over an irate imbesol takes top talk, and mccutch is no longer even a news story.

welcome to pregame dave, good luck & look forward to your future readings.

We shall see.

Rl burnside
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Good luck, David..

they told me growin up to dial 911 if you ever have any trouble but I always dialed up 4 fifty 7

Stephen Nover
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I'm honored to call David a friend. He is indeed the sharpest of the sharp. A tremendous coup for RJ to bring Dave out of semi-hibernation back into the mainstream where his wisdom can be shared by some many.

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JR ODonnell
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Welcome & all the best!!

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Best hire for Pregame in years. Malinsky is a true journalist

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Welcome Mr. Malinsky, big fan since the Stardust Line days.  Hope RJ gets you a slot on the radio show or your own podcast, to go along with your writing duties!

J.RIch--Baby Bryon Doyle
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Must reconnect Dave and Teddy on cameras somehow...The Internet show was Well Done and Informative.  

Glad to have you, Dave

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Welcome Dave, I'm very much looking forward to your contributions and insight, and think that incorporating journalistic standards and integrity to the website can do nothing but bolster the Pregame community, and enhance the level of discourse overall.  And if your mountain top analogy was any indication, your's should be a worth while read at every opportunity.  That was stellar. 

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