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The FIRST Community Capper will be . . .

Thread Starter The FIRST Community Capper will be . . .
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The key to the Community Capper program is:

* Earning a large following through quality content

* Passion to help others in the community

* No Drama

The community has many who would be good fits for this program. Keep in mind, the order of acceptance doesn't really matter - so it doesn't really matter if you think SleepyJ was the BEST choice - what matters is if you think SleepyJ is a valid choice. IMO, there is little doubt.

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Sleepyj one of the most upstanding individuals in the PG community! Couldn't ask for better! Awesome and congrats my friend. Thank you RJ and Pregame for the selection.

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Greg Shaker
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That's a great choice right there..

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Very nice selection. Congrats Sleepy.

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Definitely the best capper in the forum.

Congrats Sleepy!

Stephen Nover
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Congrats Sleepy and best of luck!

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I know, like Bruno, Sleepy has a logical explanation for his mypicks less than stellar results. Like he was using it to test a system or something like that. Why don't we just go ahead and get this out in the open now and get it over with because you know it's going to come up. Help me out here, Sleepy.

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I don't use my picks for  tracking  wins.  Like baseball play all leans.

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Avatar challenge with sleepyj  3-0

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Congrats Sleepy

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Congrats Sleepy

my -250 last night was the sheridan of, lol

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