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Official Reporting Thread: Pick Promotion Questions

Official Reporting Thread: Pick Promotion Questions
Tom Patterson
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Gatorbait37 - your question has been received.  I will research this and follow up with the correct answer.

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CFB last season Units was -5.28

NFL last season Units all plays including NFLX= +10.7

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Rl burnside
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Why does it say tony atlas was the last poster but when you click on thread it is goodfella? Something get deleted?...... Prolly just a technical issue.

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why is Houston +105 in MLB graded as a tie?   Kannon and Cokin

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Philly/Houston on Thursday was NO ACTION due to pitching change.

Phillies starter Sean O'Sullivan gave up three homers in six innings. He was summoned from Toledo, Ohio, where the Phillies' Triple-A team was playing, after Philadelphia traded pitcher Roberto Hernandez to the Los Angeles Dodgers earlier Thursday.

RJ Bell - Founder & CEO | Twitter: @RJinVegas

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This is awesome, this is why I signed up for Pregame. Your site's reputation precedes itself. Can't stand it when people behave themselves online like there are no consequences, glad to see you taking a stand.

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Lloyd - No one is questioning that posts are deleted for a variety of reasons (mostly when they do not follow the rules of the forum) . . . but your post implied that there has a systematic effort to suppress a question about a record - which is 100% untrue. The fact is, Pregame makes significant efforts (including this prominent thread) to accomplish the opposite.

Has this matter been resolved?


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Is this tread really helping resolve issues? Email support@pregame. Does everyone really need to view the complaint departments issues.

That's the Way She Goes 

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LetItRide . . . having such issues discussed publicly gives great confidence to site visitors that possible issues are NOT being hidden. Such transparency - especially in this industry - is a powerful trust builder . . . which allows people to judge a Pro's potential value without wondering what is being hidden.

RJ Bell - Founder & CEO | Twitter: @RJinVegas

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Why does Nover continue to get a free pass? He mislead his clients.

Why wont RJ Address /the fraudulent plays of Tony George and Nover.

Capping the Cappers updated  8pm on 9/15 

Id say your Best capper to go with would be Spartan Only guy showing a profit

Cokin's NFL record  1-3 -7.9 Units
Spartan's NFL record  7-5 +2.3 Units
Teddy Covers's NFL record 4-4 -1.05 units
Fezzik's  NFL record 8-8 -0.70 Units
Sleepy J NFL record 2-2 -1.45 units
Nover NFL record 4-5 -0.95 units
Greg Shaker NFL Record 7-10 -10.2 Units

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