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Tony George - Enough is Enough

Tony George - Enough is Enough
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Totally understand Tony.

One of the long time stand up cappers on this site.

Even with being a more recognized brand, and great place to be on the net for this type of stuff.  This site has been progressively going downhill for 18 months or more.

The forums used to be a great place to come in and help each other out and we all learned and made money for the most part together...........remember the steam...........remember the great be a pro capper contest.  All of the great stuff and contributions by so many GREAT and I mean GREAT posters

Now its a bunch of self promoting punks who make 3000 star plays that lose by 20 and then the name changes begin...............or more sadly is the guy who buys a some picks from a pro, spends 25 for the pick, bets 100 and bitches up and down and wants the pros first born if they lose.

I have argued with RJ for quite a while now.  He says since the numbers have gone up x-fold, the good posters have gone up x-fold, along with the bad ones.

Totally disagree.

The number of valued posters, or must reads every day have gone a lot.

Not to mention the douchebags enter this site by the bus load weekly now.

RJ really needs to grab both ears real hard and pull his head out of the sand on this one.

He can argue his numbers all his numbers all he wants

Perception is reality.......and a lot of good people are JUMPING ship

Best of luck TG.......and RJ too!

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Come back soon my friend, you will be MISSED. You are one of the good guys.

Gary Ack
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All the best tony. I've been betting since the late 70s.I lived in las vegas and used to go to the stardust and listen to lefty(smartest capper there was)always nice to be on the same side as the mob.We would sit at the stardust on sun nights and bet the first numbers that came out.Back then you either bet at your local bookie or vegas.We would have died for the internet and all the info available today.For all you guys under 40 you probably find this hard to believe.I thank all the pre game cappers pro and otherwise for all their  advice,we are very lucky to have outlets like this to exchange info.

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GL Tony, enjoy your respite from Pregame.  I will miss your insights while you are gone and will be happy when you return.  Seems you have given us all a wake up call as to what the true intent and purpose of this forum is.  This is not the forum to question the integrity of anyone.  If there is an issue about the integrity of any poster, that should be taken up privately with RJ and/or JD.  And to those people who whine and bitch just because your purchased pick(s) didn't win...GROW UP!

BIlly Barou, I have only been here about 3 months and have noticed a deterioration in that short time.  To read how you could recall a site where sports bettors helped each other out and everyone made money...I could feel the pain in your words and I would like to see Pregame become that kind of site again.  For us all.  And you are right, there are a lot of GREAT insights from GREAT posters.

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Sorry to hear, but respectfully, when you preach money management and then bill a play as a GOY, it is contradictory.

Denver Money
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Enjoy the break Tony, there are reasons similar to this why I have stopped posting as much in the forum in the recent months as well. Your a class act and a great handicapper. I hope you do well

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Good Luck over the next four weeks. I'll catch you on the profile page. Hope to see you in 4 weeks.

Luck .... When preparation meets opportunity !

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Dang Dude  its like a ghost town without Ya around here, hurry back Tony.

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