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Vegas-Runner - conversation thread with the Pro

Vegas-Runner - conversation thread with the Pro
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Was the Canadian drunk?


9th Place in Dmans 2014 Contest

"You gotta figure some races are rigged.There's not much you can do about it as a bettor. You just hope you got money on the one that's supposed to win."

I was wrong about RAS 2013 season :(

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Man! I Love VR. but this is killin me.
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A quintuple 3* Bombing

Dr. Dan

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Are you going to keep Ytd for 2013
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VR, RJ has stated that I can ask for proof of a advertised record.  On your pro's page you state that your 2012 Final Earnings = UP +87.16 Units...Can you please provide proof of this.  Thanks!

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Down over 50 Units in 2013...

I can tape the ripped tickets to prove if you want

"GSJ2 Is literally NOT one of the reasons that RJ Bell started PreGame". GSJ2

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Bought 1 week package, am 10 units in the hole!
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yeah its been a rough start to this new year
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U state: We're now 13-3 (81%) on our L/16 "Labeled" 3*s..29-11 (73%) on our L/40.

Where do you pull these figures from?

I count from 31 Jan to 12 Feb your last 16 picks labelled 3*, u are 8/8, this is taken from your every pick record page counting up al the 3* picks.

I wont even bother counting the L40.

Can you please explain where these advertised figures come from??

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@GSJ2, I would like to see the ripped up tickets. And I do not know how @Tom5372 is down 10 units from a one week package when VR is 10-10 in February. 10-11 after tonight. Think longterm gentlemen.
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