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PB: Bracketology 2017 - Who is going to Reign

PB: Bracketology 2017 - Who is going to Reign
David Malinsky
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David Malinsky


My PR has Houston only 1 better on neutral vs.akron

And ilinoise St.only 2 better than Irvine

Is home court in these games really worth 7 or 8 points or are my prs off ?

Or is there some other factor in play ?

In these 2 games ?  Akron appears to be a great play with what u guys already posted.

Dave any opinion or prs from other sources on the Illinois St. Irvine game ?

Irvine/Illinois State isn't too far from where some of the base math models put it: KenPom has it -11 and Sagarin -12 if we use a 4-point home court. I get the Redbirds -9, but I could see UCI hanging around for a while at what has a chance to be a methodical grinder of a game flow.

Any opinion on rust ?
Redbirds 10 days no game ?
I tend to fade rust don't u ?

It's tricky in that one because UCI was also giving it everything they had Saturday night, with a real shot at the Big Dance. We often focus on NCAA tourney teams in the rebound off of 3 games in 3 days, but for the Anteaters that is something they have to overcome here, both physically and off of the emotional letdown. So for this game I rated the factors close to a wash.

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GOZ has it's first ten first team starters EVER-and will therefore break through to the final 4 and make it to the final game!I also like SMU to at least get to the elite 8!

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