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7 Important Facts that Make Pregame Different!

Thread Starter 7 Important Facts that Make Pregame Different!
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Regular visitors to know that we do things the right way. With our success comes ever growing scrutiny from the mainstream media – often by those with an anti-gambling agenda; often by those with a limited understanding of the sports betting industry. Making it vital for Pregame to clearly communicate all the ways that we are different from the competition.

The many and deplorable wrongs of this industry’s past makes it easy for outside observers lump all of us in the same pile of crap. Objective measures like having been vetted over the prior decade by nearly every major media outlet and Pregame’s A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for 7 straight years (and counting) should make it obvious that we are different. But that doesn’t stop lazy critics from saying: “Pick selling? Like in that Pacino move? That’s bad.”

Lamenting their ignorance doesn’t prevent the damage. Pregame must not only meet a different standard every day – we also must effectively communicate those differences.

7 Important FACTS that Make Pregame Different

1) Pregame NEVER tempts with easy money schemes nor do we encourage get rich quick dreams.
(spend any time at the site and you’ll clearly see how strongly we stress the difficulty of beating the bookie. Winning over the long-term is hard. Edges are earned a half-point at a time. No claims of "locks" or "inside info." We're clear that the best any expert or site can do is improve your odds. These warnings are repeated again and again.)

2) At least 95% of Pregame’s content is FREE.
(an unmatched amount of free picks, audio, video, handicapping tips, and more - a significant portion from experts who don't sell picks)

3) EVERY pick from EVERY active Pro is publicly graded and archived for review.
(rare full transparency, allowing customers to make informed decisions)

4) Your record following picks will be AT LEAST AS GOOD as the results archived and promoted at
(many others grade in a deceiving way; our line grading policy from the Pros is quite simply the strictest in the business)

5) Public reporting (via dedicated forum thread w/100,000+ views) empowering anyone to alert the entire community to any possible Win Streak or Game Archive errors. (it’s only fair to allow the Pros to promote the truth in an attractive fashion, but the price for that right is extreme accountability. Make a mistake and everyone knows. A second in the same month results in suspension)

6) Pregame has NEVER done any outbound calls – no phone marketing of any kind.

7) Pregame has absolutely NO financial dealings with any online sportsbook. Not a single penny!
(this is simple to prove: a quick look around the site shows no sportsbook ads, links, or any type of promotion. Pregame turns down that big money, while most of our competitors take it; and they are compromised in the process.)

Reasonable expectations, tons of free content, full transparency & accountability, no hard selling, and no conflicts of interest with online sportsbooks.

Much is debatable. Facts are not. And these are facts cannot be honestly refuted. Facts stated simply and clearly enough that there’s no excuse for anybody to say otherwise.

And Pregame is not resting on our laurels … Here are 3 new improvements coming soon:

* Although Pregame consistently stresses how hard it is to win, we are taking another step to make sure nobody misses this key reality. Pregame is adding a prominent “No Easy Money” LINK on our pick selling homepage, with sobering details about how difficult it is to win over the long-term. (Hopefully this will be completed by EOD Friday)

* All major sports and pick types are automatically graded and archived by our pick system. Picks in non-major sports (e.g., golf, MMA) and niche pick types (e.g., 1st Halves) are NOT automatically tracked. These make-up far less than 1% of picks. Most Pros have been adding these non-standard picks to the analysis area of standard picks – which means these extra picks ARE being effectively archived, but it’s not always obvious where. The improved rules will require that any non-standard pick must be logged each day in that Pro’s dedicated forum thread (with a link from his homepage to that thread). This way, all non-standard picks can be easily reviewed in one place. (Our goal will be to have this fully rolled out by Wednesday)

* Many on the Internet use screen names, but I believe it’s important that Pregame provides the legal name of every Pro. Allowing anyone to research their past - or to confirm that they are actual people (you’d be shocked at how many non-existent “people” sell picks on the Internet). I also think it’s important that Pros be required to declare of any past trouble with the law. (I think Pros are squeaky clean collectively, but we’ll soon see.) I’ve been planning this for a while, but I never got it done. My fault entirely. This new standard – with full public disclosure - will be completed by July 15, 2016. If I am late again, for EVERY DAY after I will donate (with public confirmation) $100 to “Big Brothers Big Sisters” till the project is complete. I won’t be late.

The entire team is very proud of what makes us different. As always, we are open to your feedback right here in this public posting thread. And maybe that's the most convincing point ... read through the Pregame forums and you'll see a healthy amount of disagreement (so it's obviously not repressed), while the overall feeling is one of a community having fun with their sports betting. We are most proud of that.

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I've been with Pregame since it's inception. I had been a forum poster as many of the old timers around the site know. I had been hired as a pro capper at another site. When RJ approached me about joining the firm I did not hesitate. I never regretted that decision. I went out to Las Vegas and met face to face with him and had lunch. I did a meet the pro's podcast and felt confident I had made the right move. I had reservations frankly about getting into this side of the business. I am 57 years old and have been, as I have explained before, in the sports betting arena for four decades. Since I was a Jr High school bookie, lol. Like most I had a skeptical outlook towards this business. But RJ had a vision he laid out and I loved it. Finally someone was going to take a stand a do this thing the right way. I am old enough to know there will never be any possible way of pleasing everyone. Virtually impossible. But RJ does everything he can do to keep our company's integrity beyond reproach. I've had opportunities to take my service elsewhere and have declined. I have every intention of being with RJ to the end for me. Folks that have gotten to know me over my decade here know I am a straight shooter. I won't work with someone I don't trust. Never will. I've gotten to know the man over the years and I trust him. And he is not one to stand pat, he has grown the firm and it has made great strides. I am confident with him at the helm it will continue to in the future. Long after I'm gone. When I tell folks I am with Pregame it is with pride. The bigger you get the bigger the bulls eye on your back. Just goes with the territory. I have never been any more confident in the future of Pregame than I am right now.

Good luck as always guys.

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Excited for the future of pregame as well, have had an awesome time posting here in two plus years, wish I started sooner but better late then never.

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Ive posted on alot of boards  over 16 years in this business   and  RJ   RIGHT ABOUT  how many are  connected  to  ONLINE SPORTS BOOKS  . In CASE YOU DIDNT KNOW   as I WAS TOLD  BY ONE OF THE OWNERS   I GET PAID  everytime   SOMEONE SIGNS UP   !!  

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What's with the justification blitzkrieg? We get it, you guys are the most honest, transparent, and meticulous individuals in the sports-betting world, holding the trait of integrity as a beacon of pregame's standard.

Let your actions speak, not your words.

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Actions? Pregame's actions speak clearly every day. And there totally in line with RJ's words.

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Jr O checks in here and I have been a professional capper for 20 years, in those 20 years I have been associated with a ton pick sites. Some good and some not so good, Bottom line is that and its community has been flat out the best that I ever worked with period!!, I consider it a privilege to be a Pro here and give 100% to the forum and my clients, I am a creature of habit & my daily routine has me hitting the ground every day at 4:30 am to cap the action and post very early. As the Jr O brand has grown over time so does the criticism and comments on the excitement put into my posts & work, the Ka BOOOOM, let’s roll etc., hey that’s me and that’s my style, I want to show people that Im passionate about the work I do , in closing RJ has given the sports world a place to interact , exchange ideas and develop a close relationship among sports betters, you cant put a cost on that, to me its super !!!!!! !


Be well JRO


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RJ - I am a relatively new visitor here and I read the article.  I could tell right from the beginning that the writer's agenda was set before he even began.  So, I knew what to expect as I continued to read the lengthy piece.

From my perspective, he unwittingly gave Pregame many compliments along the way in terms of transparency and an honorable way of running the site.  This is because he grossly underestimates the industry and clearly doesn't understand it.  It's obvious that he feels sports betting is an evil thing that only the lowest of the low partake in.  How condescending.

He fails to realize that sports bettors represent a huge percentage of our population and come from all walks of life.  Sites like Pregame give us an opportunity to come together, gather and share information, and yes - even purchase picks if we so choose.  It is our choice.

Sure, there are unscrupulous sites and blog out there using sports betting as a platform.  Just like there are for investments, politics, health, etc.

I'm sure you and Pregame are not perfect.  Who is?  But in my relatively short tenure here as a visitor, I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality and professionalism the site offers.

The fact that the writer picked Pregame as a topic is surprising, because there are probably hundreds if not thousands of sites out there that would have more closely "fit" his agenda.  I can only guess that it's because of Pregame's success that he chose it.

I wouldn't worry too much about the article.  In my opinion, the publicity Pregame gets out of it will more than offset any damage.  If anyone with a hint of knowledge of sports betting will see right through this propaganda in an instant.  I did.

Keep doing what your doing.


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I'll probably have more to say - but I'm driving. Well, stopped for gas actually. PG is by far the most difficult site to work on as a Pro. No, there aren't easily identifiable records for everyone in every sport for the length of their time here. In fact, because I thought "who wouldn't trust me and why would I lie" - I didn't even keep a detailed record the first year. How naive was that! But, with the last 100 picks (far more than most sites) and every pick there if you want to take the time, that's A LOT more than 99%of sites so. Add that to the daily content work and the forum exposure when in a bad run, or when a big pick doesn't win - I'd bet not too many "pros" could handle the workload, or at least not thrive in the environment. It's just much harder than putting out huge play after huge play with wanton disregard for the client, which is still the norm at many sites.

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Some forum posters have broken into the industry and have achieved moderate success while carrying themselves with professionalism and integrity. Dave Essler, of the pick-selling site Pregame, immediately comes to mind. 

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I have found that EVERY capper I know at to be hard working and does his best to provide the best content, and winning selections as he can provide.  We do our very best to give everyone the very best chance to win.

With football fast approaching, I would strongly encourage all to find handicappers you like the most, and FOR THOSE BETTING larger (hundreds a game) strongly consider the annual packages with a favorite capper.  The annual packages represent your very best chance to win, AND you get the advantage of getting all the picks AT THEIR RELEASE point, as RJ mentions, often you can find a reduced vig, or a better number than the one released!

If you are a smaller bettor ($50 or less), I strongly encourage you to follow all the great free content, and look to make informed wagering decisions based upon that.  

I am hosting 1st preview at 10 am today 1100 am in Vegas, and we will have archives of best bets, and contest later in the day.  It is my great pleasure to bring free content, and the no1 goal is to maximize the chance for all of us to win gambling........

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