finally got snedeker to win. feels good, as well as the top10s but im really irked with some of those mu's between the 3rd/4th rd. aggravating to say the least.

that richard lee play topped it off, i agree with mike and his thoughts still and dont regret making the play at all, but really richard lee, WTF was that? funny thing was that i was around my computer when he first teed off his 4th rd, and i followed his 1st shot on shottracker just to see him open with some 160yd shank shot out to the right. i thought it was a glitch considering how bad has been this year, but looking back at it, they never changed it. that wasn't even the worse of it, him and reed hit exact same tee shots left on 18 somehow both not getting in the water and were able to play their original balls, to only then see reed go on to make a birdie and lee come up short. with all of this, i did see the # move a few hrs or so before 4th rd tee off time on 5dimes that move in favor of reed, is this shit sick or what? how the hell did they get this right?

don't want to seem too ungrateful after finally putting a winning week together, but dam is this stuff frustrating. almost like playing golf, you always feel like you should've done better with your round.

to close the week, here is final tally...

(AT&T PEBBLE BEACH PRO AM)February 7-10 2013

props (to win) 1-3 = +9.8u

props(top10) 2-3 = +2.125u

props(to win*(mid)) 0-3 = -.9u

tour mu 7-4 = +3.185u

2nd rd mu 0-1-1 = -.5u

3rd rd mu 0-1 = -1u

4th rd mu 1-3 = -1.825u

FINAL TALLY)=+10.885u

(JOBURG OPEN)February 7-10 2013

props (to win) 0-4 = -.9u

props(top10) 2-2 = +4.75u

tour mu 2-2 = +.25u

1st rd mu 1-0 = +.5u

1st rd (3-ball) 1-0 = +1.125u

2nd rd (3-ball) 1-0 = +.5u

3rd rd mu 1-1 = +.25u

4th rd mu 0-1 = -.5u

4th rd (3-ball) 1-2 = -.375u


finally was able to break that losing streak. thru 11events this year, am now -20.759u. taking it 1 week at a time, but another positive this week was the approach i took to start, and felt a little more in control of my bets to start. again not crazy on how i finished, but always room for improvement.

a new week, EUROtour stays in SA, for the AFRICA OPEN @ the EAST LONDON GC. not sure if oosthuizen or schwartzel, or even sterne will be in the field this week, but i will be on my toes this time to make sure i dont miss them if the lines do come out off again. the PGAtour moves to LA for the NORTHERN TRUST OPEN. RIVIERA CC a historic landmark in golf, will be the venue.

big names are set to be in the field @ NORTHERN TRUST, where im sure 1 phil mickelson will be the opening fav to win despite his below avg week @ pebble but has won @ the NORTHERN TRUST twice. wont be easy to cap, will be interesting to see how some of these players games are doing going into the much anticipated match play event the week after. NORTHERN TRUST is always a popular/nice spot for some of these guys to come to, but they seem to never have that same feeling leaving at the end of the week. not going to be an easy week on a golf course that held a US OPEN way back in the day, and 2 pga championships. winning score last year despite some bad weather was -7, year before was -12, year before -16, so its not an easy track to consistently shoot low like we have seen the last 2 weeks. however these guys so far are tearing up these courses. like always we will see.