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LOL at trying to handicap Oregon State vs Boise State

Thread Starter LOL at trying to handicap Oregon State vs Boise State
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It comes down to one question, who will have a harder time? Oregon State's rush defense or Boise State's secondary? Don't waste your time on this game and enjoy your Christmas break. (I apologize if you have a job that made you work today)

New name, same game. No drama, no disrespect, no b.s. My serious input on games that usually fall between -110 to -140 only. All analyzed posted plays will be recorded and documented. Overall 11-16-1  Nfl 4-5 NcaaF 4-2 Nba 1-1 NcaaB 0-0 Nhl 0-0 Mlb 0-0 Soccer 2-3-1 Props 0-5 

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It's a pissin contest. I know that Boise has an overall better balanced team. Oregon St will struggle on offense trying to sustain drives because they can't run the football. So if they can't hit some big plays all day they will be playing D a lot. I lean to the Boise St Pissin Broncos.These kids will play smash mouth after the first hit all that bullshit is really Pissin  in the wind. Bouse has better overall athletes and I think they win the battle in the trenches.BOL!

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boise qb sent home now lean towards oreg state

lets go vikings superbowl or bust.

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Boise's now backup qb was sent home, that will not affect their offense as much as their coach not being there may...

I think the simple question here is on the total and if Oregon State's inevitable turnovers come in their own territory or in the red zone... they have a tendency for turning the ball over inside the opponents red zone which kill overs...


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