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CFB GOY came up short.

Thread Starter CFB GOY came up short.
Scott Spreitzer
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I want to thank all who joined me for my CFB GOY on Saturday.  Obviously, not a good day when the GOY lands in the loss column, which is what happened when Iowa (-6) only won by 3 (24-21).  Statistical domination (407-158 total yards)...but couldn't overcome the passing miscues, including a pick-6.

We were pretty pumped for that one coming in on a 17-5 overall run.  But a 2-4 Sat, including the GOY loss means it's back to work as we look to begin a new winning streak on Sunday.

Thanks again - and Best of Luck on Sunday!

Scott Spreitzer.



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had Iowa too...yea the pick 6 from the 7 yd line was the back breaker

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Been a tough year all around on CFB GOY's.  Keep grinding sir,  we will get em next time.

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Was that really the best game of the whole college football season to bet on? I thought almost anyone who plays Kansas would be in the running for that title. GL

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That was an appropriate pick, i just stayed away bc i dont trust iowa-my goy was iowa st -4 vs kansas yesterday off of kansas breaking their loss streak the week before.  Easy money.

Tony George
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Iowa DOMINATED Michigan in that unreal.  Tough beat Scott..bounce is just one game as we all know.  They should have won by 14....

After seeing that game I think Nebraska in some real trouble in Lincoln this Friday.....Huskers covered for me yesterday but another heart attack can only have so many of those.  

Good call on Iowa State..and Iowa State's coach vastly better than big Charlie in that one....Kansas has no idea how to win back to back games.  (Except in Hoops!)


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Sorry you lost your college GOY on of all teams Iowa.  Bounce back and best of luck today.

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I lost the game too--Fezz released it too- Iowa should have won 24-10 , this was  a game nobody should apologize for.,

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Scotty, I gave out a card that went 3-7 and have felt like total shit about it, until reading this post... shit just happens... I honestly believed in the picks I gave out, confident I had put together a good card... so I can commiserate...

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Scott Spreitzer
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Guys - I appreciate all the kind comments!  We got 'em back with a 4-0 Sunday.  Thanks again and Best of Luck on Monday! - Scott.

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