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Manti Te'o Odds

Thread Starter Manti Te'o Odds
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based on betting from BetOnline:

Will Manti Te’o admit to his involvement in the hoax:
67% chance NO.
33% chance YES.

Will Te’o still be selected in the first round:
64% chance YES
36% chance NO

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Great polll

I vote:


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"Admit to his involvement in the hoax" can mean a lot of things.  It's not black or white. Sportsbook manager's decision is final - that always concerns me.

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This is a light draft for offense players. He will easily go first round.

He did tackle real players and intercept real footballs.

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If Phil McGraw can't get the truth tomorrow, we'll probably never know...LOL

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You were talking to a due that is awful

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He was had... now feels stupid leave the kid alone...

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IMO, He has NO chance to go 1st round.

SHITTY Bama Game.

Ghost Dead Girlfiriend

Does he even like Girls?

4.82 40.........Iskoe can run that.

3rd round.   WHAT IDIOT TEAM would bring in the distractions associated with what should be 2nd rounder.  Indy takes him 3rd round........

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If n.d went 8-4 and went to the mieneke car care bowl...this guy goes 3rd rd or 4th...Over rated!!!...Lacy ran that guy over.

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Agree w/ Fezz! Teo showed he can't play against the best...2nd round at best.

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