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2014 BCS Odds

Thread Starter 2014 BCS Odds
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2014 BCS Odds

Alabama: 3 to 1
Oregon: 8 to 1
LSU: 10 to 1
Ohio State: 10 to 1
Texas A&M: 14 to 1
Florida: 15 to 1
Florida St: 15 to 1
Notre Dame: 20 to 1
Louisville: 20 to 1
Clemson: 20 to 1
Oklahoma: 25 to 1
Miami: 25 to 1
Georgia: 30 to 1
Michigan: 30 to 1
Texas: 30 to 1
Stanford: 30 to 1
South Carolina: 30 to 1
Nebraska: 35 to 1
UCLA: 40 to 1
USC: 40 to 1

What time is the most underrated (maybe worth a bet)? Most overrated (worst value)?

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Damn Bama went from 5/1 to 3/1 after last nights about overreaction.

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I think most overrated on this list may be Miami.

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Clemson   Over rated

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LSU most overrated and Bama should be 1 to 1.

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Liking Texas AM and Oregon.

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like OSU, Oregon, louisville (but i have to see their schedule to see if they have enough games lined up to get the votes to even get in the big game should they inevitably suffer a loss) and bama are the four i will most likely put in

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Nebraska has good value. 8 home games next year. Drop Wisconsin and Ohio State off the schedule and pick up Illinois and Purdue. They have Michigan State and Northwestern at home. The road to the BCS would be less risk than most with the schedule they have and should keep you interested late into the season.

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oklahoma..... pffft.

They wont win the big game and they lose Landry Jones.

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