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BSC Title Game - My Favorite Stats & Facts . . .

Thread Starter BSC Title Game - My Favorite Stats & Facts . . .
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BCS Title Game:

Alabama currently favored by 9.5 over Notre Dame.

65% of all bets so far have been on Notre Dame (35% on Alabama)
Although a majority of professional bettors have been backing Alabama.

This is the 41st STRAIGHT game overall Alabama has been favored in!

Before the season started, Notre Dame was a 50 to 1 longshot to win the BCS Title ($100 wins $5,000)

Alabama vs. Notre Dame is projected to be the BIGGEST BET college football game IN HISTORY
with an estimated $2 BILLION wagered worldwide!
THREE-TIMES as much as any other bowl game this season.
Super Bowl is still King: This year’s Super Bowl is expected to generate FIVE-TIMES as much action ($10 Billion worldwide!)

THIRD BCS Title game ever in the double digit line range
The first two double digit favorites (Miami Fl in 2003; Florida State in 2001) both lost the game outright.

The Point Spread has NEVER mattered in BCS Title game!
(14 out of 14 times either the favorite won by more than the spread, or the underdog won the game outright)

$100 wins $300 if you bet the moneyline for Notre Dame to win the game outright.

Projected Hypothetical Undefeated Match-Up:
Alabama favored by 14-points over Ohio State

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Bruno Bets
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Love that double-digit fact.....well not so much the fact the faves lost SU.....LOL

Bama man
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Roll Tide! R J imam biased and i am

excited. And, you will see a Bama team

on fire tonight. Don't bey against them.

They will be prepared with a back up

and alternate that they can audible.

I don't think Notre Dame will be as

prepared for what they will see from

vana on offense and defense. And Bama

will be ready from the first second of this

matchup to score points in the first half

so they can intimate the Irish qb

Roll Tide! Roll!

mobig wins
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DAME BAMA BE INTIMATE with irish qb.

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BCS spread not mattering now 15 out of 15!

RJ Bell - Founder & CEO | Twitter: @RJinVegas

Bama man
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I know my typos are ridiculous. Intimidate is the word

this spellcheck changed. Bama is the bey/ meant bet.

I think we saw AJ and Jones get intimate. Anyway. RJ

I hope you bet Bama big. I was and am privy to some info.

But from having season tickets to Bama games for 40 years,

and knowing a lot of past players, I play golf

with some of them. I don't know if I told you

this RJ but I grew up with David Stapleton.

We went from4 th grade to Eithth grade

and we went to different high schools.

And we have remained friends. We competed

in HS football, basketball and baseball.

Iighy add in 1968 through 1970 we only

pkayed maybe 10 or 12 HS baseball games.

Anyway David Stapleton from  Loxley, al

and me from Daphne, al .. Remained good

friends. We coached Dixie youth baseball

Together. Stapleton played fo the red sox.

He was Buckners back up for first base.

Remember that world series game?

Anyway, me, David, snake ( k stabler)

and Jerry Pate( who played golf at Alabama)

and win $$$$$ with his orange golf ball.

SNAKE and Pate had some info.

And from my years watching the tide play

for years, I knew damn well the Irish

were going to get whipped/ embarrassed.

I love We always gamble on

our golf games. Anyway, got some playoff

games coming up

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