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Stew's National Championship Game Picks (0-2, -5.5 Units)

Thread Starter Stew's National Championship Game Picks (0-2, -5.5 Units)
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3* LSU +1  Ick!

2* Over 40  Ick!


** If for some reason LSU loses, Okie St should be the National Champs **

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This town won't appreciate Tony Romo until he's gone and the Cowboys are back playing with the Quincy Carters and Chad Hutchinsons of this world. Remember those days?

You don't appreciate a quality quarterback until you don't have one. Few teams have the good fortune of making the transition from a Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck as the Colts are prepared to do. When Romo is done, it may be 5-10-15 years before the Cowboys find another quarterback of his ability.

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BOL, LSU wil not lose this game.


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stew, I am a die hard LSU fan(I bleed purple and gold) have been since I was 5 years old, my old man was a SUPER die hard LSU fan, wherever he was on a saturday night back in the 60's he had his radio listening to the tigers game and I was right there with him.

I agree with the LSU pick, but, I'll tell you this right now, if the game goes OVER 40 points LSU is going to LOSE. The only thing this LSU team is short on is at QB, they need one in a bad way. I look for the same kind of game they played earlier this season. THE LSU DEFENSE will have to win this game again!!!!


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Did you see iowa st play the other night.? That's the team that beat ok state, I don't like the current system but if you lose to Iowa st then you don't deserve to be national champs, the best 2 teams are playing, period.

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jgb, I agree with you 100%, I can't see Okla. St being National Champs after losing to Iowa St earlier, they were lucky to beat Stanford!!!! If Stanford's kicker does not miss the FG in regulation, they would have a 2nd LOSS hung on them.

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Yep and if the QB that played in the bowl was the same guy who beat ok st then that should count as at least 2 loses, again all for a playoff but same 2 teams would be playing, SEC wins another national championship Mon and again next year at least,

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The Iowa St game came on the day ( or day after) that the womens bball coach and asst were killed in a plane crash on a recruitting trip. That was the 2nd plane crash that took the life of a coach. The other being about 10yrs prior.I still believe that was on the Ok St players mind. These are 20 yr old kids that have a close knit family with most the other teams within the university.

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I blame Snoop Dog.

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love it stew think it will go over to bol my friend

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Lets hope Bama doesn't miss their field goal's this time around. =)  

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