Tbay 20 DAL 26.

The wise guys bet Tb +7 down, they won, but they were lucky Dallas pretty much dominated the game, rolled up over 400 yards of offense, but key penalties stalled drives. Tb got a TD bomb on a deflected pass.....

Det 6 NYG 17.

Stafford isn't 100%, and the 2 defenses were the 2 best squads on the field......

Phi 26.  BALT 27.

Flacco threw an interception pk up 10 in the 4Q. This game should not have been this close.

Gb 30 CHIC 27.

When Barkely puts up 27 on you in 0 degrees, your D has problems.

Indy 34.  Min 6.

I still cannot explain what happened to Minny and why the no show here......

Clev 13  BUF 33

Yet another 'good spot' looms for the Browns next week hosting SD.........never mind this team is just terrible.

Ten 19 KC 17

KC finally lost a close game........but to be fair it took a miracle 53 yarder in 0 wind whill to do it.

Jax 20 HOU 21.

Savage is the QB and the Ostrich will not start another NFL game..........

New Orl 48  AZ 41.  

Az has so many injuries on special teams and other areas.........this team is a fade the rest of the year.

Sf 13 ATL 41

How bad is SF?  No Julio Jones, no problem.  This team has quit on D?

Ne 16. Den 3.

Look out!  If the Pats D is above average, they are going to win another SB.   Wow was that Balt +6 line @NE short.....

Oak 19  SD 16.

Oak keeps falling behind and they just win the final 3 minutes EVERY game.  Bet derivatives accordingly....

Pit 24 Cin 20.

Pit is the 2nd best team in the NFL, this one was VERY impressive to win after trailing by 14, AND in a flat spot.

On the capping front, I just have a small lean UNDER for MNF.  I do plan to release my next CFB best bets, 2-0 on the Bowl Season, let's keep rolling!