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Golden Nugget Game of the Year Selections

Thread Starter Golden Nugget Game of the Year Selections
Bryan Leonard
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For those who had followed us in the past I wanted to post what we had played when these games went live a couple months ago. We have won 71% of these plays heading into this year and last night we extended that run with Minnesota -13 over UNLV. I gave RJ the pictures of the tickets about 10 days ago, hopefully he can post the actual pictures when he gets the chance. 

Here are the remaining two games for this weekend:

California +10 1/2 v Northwestern

Colorado +3 1/2 v Colorado State

As opposed to the Minnesota play last night that went off at the same number we played it, Cal was a much bigger bargain than where the current line sits. Colorado was slightly better when our wager was placed than the current market number.

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Thanks Bryan. Did you make Northwestern closer to 7?

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I remember when you posted all your GOY tickets last year and it totaled like 20k or something like that. Got me so pumped!!!

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Thanks for sharing these Bryan.  Always look forward to them.

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Bryan, did I hear you once say you like to fade MAC teams when they go out west or was it Big10 teams.  I cant remember

Bama man
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Thanks Bryan. I like it. Colorado is getting some bad press. Any thoughts on

that? And, I'm curious why some teams play in state rivals so early

in the season. And. It occurred to me it's perhaps tv money. One thing

I really hate is now that Texas A&M are in the SEC. the aggies and longhorns

won't play every year. That is not good for the game. That has to be in the

same category as Auburn and Alabama. I hope they start scheduling the

game again. Anyway. Other than that Mr Ford did you have a good crowd

at the theater?

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Farmland...its always a good idea to "look" at fading a Big 10 team heading out west...they seem to rarely cover, fav's anyway....if i am mistaken Bryan let me have

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Thank you Bryan - have a nice holiday weekend.

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