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Dave Essler
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Yesterday's free one on the Orioles was rained out. We split our premium plays and continue to go back and forth this MLB season. Our bankroll is still in tact, but it's been a "kill or get killed" season so far. With the errors of omission I've made, I feel fortunate to be where we are. Not spinning it, and simply working one day at a time to get our fifth winning MLB regular season is all.

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Analysis: I was able to bet 7.5 a bit ago, and if you can buy it I would. I was hoping it would go to 7.5 at more books, but I don't see that happening, not after CRIS refused to stay there. Both pitchers have been hit hard by BOTH lineups, we've got the small park, and an umpire in Chris Conroy who has ben 10-2 to the over this season. Bailey can hit a little, both bullpens (at least the important pitchers) were used last night. Just too many ways the offense(s) overcome the "names" of the starting pitchers, and I do like the Reds. However, I have been wrong on the Reds most of the season. I just think they score plenty off of Garza. We'll see what happens.

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Solid supporting evidence.  Gl

We shall see.

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Ouch. Not even close.

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