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Dave's Free MLB Friday

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Dave Essler
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I think we've hit 4 of 5 free ones, including the Rockies +1.5 over Los Doyas last night. But, what does a short streak really mean. Next. Here's one we bet this morning.

965 BAL   (+150) 5Dimes vs 966 BOS
Analysis: I was going to play the RL, but THAT didn't work either. Baltimore is simply raking the ball right now, and Boston is NOT. It's far to easy to assume that with the Orioles playing last night that they'd be in a tough spot, but they're on a serious roll right now, they're over .500 on the road, and they're 12-12 against LHS, which is contrary to what we'd think. Many of the Orioles regulars have simply hit Lester hard, and if Gonzalez keeps them in it early, I trust the Orioles pen right now. Boston has scored exactly 20 runs in their last 6 games, while Baltimore has averaged over 5 runs a game this week, hit .272 and smacked 16 home runs. The Orioles are a first place team, Boston is not. Boston was swept by the Cubs and their bullpen had a 6.38 ERA over the last week. So, the Orioles have the better pen (right now), the better lineup (always) and the only real advantage Boston has is Lester, who Baltimore has hit. Just far too much value not to take the Birds here.

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Happy 4th, Unc. The Sox have lost 10 straight after losing as a favorite.

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game is postponed

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