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47-23 Betting First Look with Marco D'Angelo Fri June 6th

Thread Starter 47-23 Betting First Look with Marco D'Angelo Fri June 6th
Marco D'Angelo
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On Today's Show..

LA Dodgers @ Colorado

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Our amazing week continued on Thursday as swept the board again going 2-0 highlighted by our Baseball Massacre Game that saw the Cubs win 7-4. We also had the Over in the Basketball Game as well. Tonight we are upping the ante as we our releasing our 3* Baseball Game of the Week. Earlier this week we won our 3* O/U Game of the Week with Oakland Over 9 a 7-4 winner.  Tonight I have isolated a play so strong that I am making it my 3* Baseball Game of the Week.  We are 7-1 so far this week for a Profit of +12.31 Units.  You know I don't release 3* Plays unless I am personally making a Max Bet on the game. Let's keep the momentum going with another big winner tonight. 

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Tonight's (last night's) result from the SD/Wash matchup is precisely the reason I chose to significantly curtail my spending on the "expert analysis" from the cadre of handicappers here at Pregame.  Over a significant period of time I dug into my own pocket(s) to "invest" in the "upward trajectory" of PG' all-important success quotient.  Sadly, the hurdle rate established (my own, personal hr--which was not anywhere close to being labeled as "unreasonable"--using industry norms as a proxy and/or benchmark--has still not been met).  Since becoming an active member @ PG, the data points I've used to objectively analyze/evaluate overall performance, it is a fact that the overall performance (particularly when certain matchups are designated as GOY, GOM, GOW, etc, etc) has fallen short of an established threshold (based on what most would deem "fair & impartial").  I wish I knew why....unfortunately (akin to the perspectives held by other active PG members as well), I do not maintain any access to the requisite pieces that can help us objectively & intelligently identify the key/primary drivers of performance).....

Like most intelligent souls, I fully grasp the universal truth that in this industry, losing is inevitable.  However, when numerous (and significant) "shortfalls" exist (i.e, consistently failing to meet even the lowest standard(s), red flags are raised.  Moreover, while I know each of us has periodically gotten our A _ _ _ _ handed to us, it remains extremely disconcerting that there are still too many times when Premium plays are released (3-4* Premium plays), and go belly-up early during the game, and/or a significant chasm develops (between an individual handicapper's Premium play and the actual, final result....

Finally (having said all of this),  I know some bettors evaluate/label losses as just that....inevitable losses that always occur (at some juncture).  However, I personally review and evaluate plays HOLISTICALLY......I never leave ANY stone unturned!!!  My analyses are always predicated on the all-important, surrounding CONTEXT!!  Case in point....: despite the fact that, after initially analyzing last night's tilt between the Padres & Nats, I had already determined the Nats were the clear and obvious first and only choice!!  

Prior to submitting that particular play, I saw an "advertisement" for Marco's STRONG, 3* MLB play and decided to GO-FOR -IT!!!  I purchased the play and, by doing so, I had already (implicitly) deferred to Marco,,,,trusting his superior knowledge and overall expertise.  

After purchasing the play, I was quite surprised to learn the Premium release (3*) was on San Diego (particularly after I had already stamped the Nats as THE correct play).  Ironically, during my analysis of the game, it was clear to me that the scales were tilted HEAVILY in Washington's direction.  The majority of people believed the Nats were actually the only clear and obvious choice.  

Admittedly, directly following the release of the play on the Padres, I took a deep breath and scratched my head for just a minute or two.  At the end of the day, I deferred to (& trusted) Marco's overall judgment and expertise in this instance.

Given all of this, when I finally checked the scoreboard Friday evening/Saturday morning, I was absolutely shocked....not so much because SD lost, but because of HOW THEY LOST (6-0 if I am not mistaken).  The Padres lost so CONVINCINGLY that I immediately felt like I had an open wound, and someone was throwing salt on it.  I know a lot of us beat ourselves up when we don't trust our own judgment; instead, placing our trust in someone else's hands.  This kind of "dynamic" has made the  loss feel exponentially worse....

The weekend is indeed upon us, and I hope everyone enjoys a FANTASTIC & PROFITABLE weekend.... :o) 

CARPE DIEM!!!!  :o)

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Sorry to hear that you lost on  paid play but honestly if your on the train before it leaves you can't expect to get on when its moving. If you don't get what I mean you can't expect to buy someone's play in spots and expect a win no matter what they label the play. If your going to follow someone try a week package and bet smart. You can't just buy one play and bet big on it because the guy is on fire. But what I really don't understand is how your posting this here on  thread that is up 24 units.

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