Yes, yesterday was a waste of lots of time and money. Passing along this one bet we made, and yes, I do know that Votto is not playing. One of two things will happen.

958 PHI / 957 CINOVER 7 5Dimes

I suppose if I could still get 7 (we can) I'd have to take the over in the Cubs game. Cannot fathom, even with marginal weather, that it's a pitchers' duel. 
I STILL can't bring myself to take Atlanta, but sooner or later they're going to go off on someone and they do have the better bullpen. 
I can't fathom the Mets beating Gio, either. BUT, the total coming down is a bit concerning. We know the Nats don't fare as well against RHP, but it's Bartolo, who we've made a living fading. Have to think the Nationals win this, somehow.
I really want to take the over (at 7 perhaps) in the Phillies game. Neither team hitting a lick lately, but neither starter get anyone out, and both SP's can hit a little.
Anderson has had one good game for the D-Backs. How do you fade Kershaw, who's also like another stick in the order. I'd have to lean under, at least F5 because the Dodgers haven't seen Anderson, and PERHAPS the D-Backs RL.
Lots of early love for Lincecum, but I can't fade Koehler, either. I'd love to find a way to take the under here, if for no other reason the Giants pen at home is that much better. Perhaps Fish RL with low total and reasonably priced.
Some early money on Houston, and I do like Cosart at home (he's from nearby League City) but when Houston stops hitting, they stop hitting. If you made me, Houston and/or over.
Tough to fade the A's, too, especially w/Kazmir pitching, and the Indians simply suck against LHP. Tomlin had a couple of good outings, but sooner or later.........lean under.
Hard to imagine Boston losing two straight at home, but the Tigers are finding ways to win. If Porcello finds a way to keep the ball down, this game stays under, IMO.
Again, sooner or later the Royals will score, but staying far away for the time being. If you made me, I would indeed take them. Duffy has been decent, and that's all there is to that.
If the Twins had seen Elias at all, I'd take them, and still might. Seattle one of the better hitting teams on the road, so lean over there.
As always, we'd have to fade Texas against a LHP, inasmuch as Buerhle always kills me and Ross has this season as well.
I do not think Phelps should be -135 to the Pirates w/all their LHH's in and a DH as well.