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Getting crushed with Bryan Leonard's baseball package

Thread Starter Getting crushed with Bryan Leonard's baseball package
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Not sure who else bought this.  He has been cold as ice forever  

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Nice first post. This will get you some love.

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Top 150 Contributor the saying goes....its a marathon....not a sprint.....follow him a year and let us knows how it goes.....thats if u still have any money

Bryan Leonard
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7-15 in one run outcomes doesn't help any. I haven't tracked the extra inning record but I know it's terrible. Started last year poorly also but tore it up the May, June, July and August. Looking for the same type of turnaround this year. We provide complete analysis with every selection and put in a great deal of time doing so. While the numbers haven't worked out so far the time and energy continues to be put in. As our friend Fezzik would say we have ended up with the wrong side of the coin flip too many times. Our entire handicapping model is based on regression, our selections should be viewed the same way. After both games lost by a angle run in extra innings yesterday it's passed time for the regression to kick in. Let's see if we can get that started for you today.

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CLASS response Bryan.  BOL

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Not sure who else bought this.  He has been cold as ice forever  

read this thread

big game al
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bryan your track record speaks  for it self  all people have too do is stick with you and dont jump ship after one week if you are afraid too lose then dont gamble!!!

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I actually wish Pregame would promote the losing streaks instead of the extended wining streaks, smart people will buy a proven winner when he is down and ride the bounce back while the get rich quick types always seem to jump in at the end of a hot streak and lose their ass.

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Winning steaks. Losing streaks.  All nonsense!  UNITS (+ or -) is the true test.  UNITS take into consideration the money lines, favorites, underdogs.......single dime, double dime, triple dime bets, etc.

If cappers want 100% transparent credibility only report results in terms of UNITS.  Anything else is smoke and too many mirrors.

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I do sir.

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