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2013 MLB Opening Over/Under Win Totals

Thread Starter 2013 MLB Opening Over/Under Win Totals
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2013 MLB Opening Over/Under Win Totals
(first posted by Atlantis Casino in Reno)

Arizona Diamondbacks 81.5 (-120o)

Atlanta Braves 86

Baltimore Orioles 76.5

Boston Red Sox 79.5 (-120o)

Chicago Cubs 72

Chicago White Sox 80.5

Cincinnati Reds 88.5

Cleveland Indians 77.5 (-120o)

Colorado Rockies 71.5

Detroit Tigers 90

Houston Astros 59.5 (-120o)

Kansas City Royals 79

Los Angeles Angels 89.5 (-120o)

Los Angeles Dodgers 90

Miami Marlins 64.5 (-120u)

Milwaukee Brewers 79.5

Minnesota Twins 64.5

New York Mets 74 (-120u)

New York Yankees 86.5 (-120u)

Oakland Athletics 83 (-120u)

Philadelphia Phillies 81.5

Pittsburgh Pirates 79

San Diego Padres 74.5

San Francisco Giants 86

Seattle Mariners 76.5

St. Louis Cardinals 85.5

Tampa Bay Rays 86

Texas Rangers 87

Toronto Blue Jays 86.5

Washington Nationals 90


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Bruno Bets
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Like the Jays' Over and the Rangers' Under.....

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Rockies only 71?  Sad.   Tulo can C-gone can hopefully hit their way to 50 wins.  Finding 22 from that staff will be difficult, however.

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Oakland over

Philly under (pound it)

Texas under


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Mets over.

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As an astros fan, I don't have the heart to bet it, but pound under 59.5

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Damn Philly at 81.5, I'd take over that right now

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Things are lining up nicely for the Dodgers.  90 is a ton of games to win but they have a VERY deep starting pitching staff to do it !  I see them winning 100 games this year.

Dave Essler
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The way I look at those, FWIW, is break them into to categories first. Above 80 wins or below. That separates, for me, the teams that the oddsmakers think will be above or below .500. It's a process going through schedules. For example, a team that might look like a good under bet, might have a soft September schedule. Or a team that might fold and have AAA players sooner rather than later, might be playing all supposed contenders the last month. Or, even things like warm weather or dome teams playing a heavy dose of games in cold cities in April.........takes time.

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JR ODonnell
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agree Phillies Under NL... ....currently on a 219 158-8 + 69 units a 100$ bettor + 6900 since 01/01/2014 All Sports Run & a 55-31-3 3* 64% run ..NOW WE KEEP THE HAMMER DOWN  ......  let's do this...


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