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Fezzik's Focus: I'm laying -200 today in MLB (Mon 8/11/14)

Thread Starter Fezzik's Focus: I'm laying -200 today in MLB (Mon 8/11/14)
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No Audio Today.

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I'm going into a neighborhood I don't like to drive in, playing 

970 SEA -202 for the Focus Play of the day.

Give me King Felix vs. a Toronto team off that NEVER beats David Price, but just did, off 19 innings, then to the Airport flying cross country to get to Sea.  CAN THEIR BE A WORST SPOT??

I KNOW this is unpopular to say, but I don't need to find some "silly" -200 other favorite to parlay this into to make me feel like I'm not laying -200.  I am VERY HAPPY to just lay -200 (which I have to do in a parlay anyways), with a team I'm SURE would win in this situation over 2/3 of the time.   

Also with a total of under 7, I have ZERO desire to sweat out -1.5 in my bet.   I don't need Sea to be up 2-1 after 6 innings and stare at a Sea -400 line, BUT I'm losing vs. the -1.5 line............

Good luck to all........

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Love the play.

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Fezz maybe a HRE prop under is good here as well.

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If that's the case I will take Pitts. as an underdog. Det. has to be tired also.

Bama man
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When you win no vig to spend.

Bama man
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Another great scenario on the parlay thing is Seattle wins and your parlay team takes the gas. So you pay no juice but u still lose.

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5 times in king felix career hes gotten blasted for more then 5+ runs against the blue jays but man this guy is just on another level this year..

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If ever I was to lay 200 to win 100 it would be this scenario.....


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Mr. Fezzik, the last time I layed -200 in MLB, was when I took Fernando Valenzuela on the mound, and the Dodgers were on the road vs. the lowly Cubs, with the Dodgers winning 1-0. I said I'd never lay -200 or more again. I guess we should never say never, as you have made up my mind for me tonight. For the first time in many seasons, I was considering Seattle tonight. I'm on "The King" -220. Everything you said, moved me, particularly the -1 1/2 run line option. Off the top of my head, I can think of 4 teams, who if they had "The King" as a starter, he would win 30 games.

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I know I piss off the pregamers when I say this, but I HATE this silly PARLAY -200 to -200.  

While I understand the reluctance to not lay -200, U ARE STILL LAYING IT.   All it does is INCREASE your bet if your other leg wins, and decrease it to zero if your other leg loses it.

Without going nuts talking Sharp(e) ? Ratios, optimal betting, getting the right number, etc, it's FINE to lay -200, -300, -700.  MANY pros lay bets like this all the time (ok typically not -200s in MLB).  BUT.............NO REASON to EVERY parlay it (unless you find a correlation).

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