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Anyone Like OAK ... ?

Thread Starter Anyone Like OAK ... ?
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ANYone  like OAK tonite @ -108 ?


San Francisco - Tim Lincecum (2-8, 6.19) Oakland - Jarrod Parker (3-3, 2.82)




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Starting to be a believer in them and thier pitching in that big ballpark takes them a long way at home.I thought the rumors of Lincecum going to the pen would straighten him up but he just doesn't have his control so i look for Oakland to play small ball and IMO they have a good shot to win.

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Riding them like an old mule. Doesn't hurt that Lincecum is starting....

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Check out SDQL Guru's latest post.  He provides some interesting information for this game.  

I am not advanced enough to know how applicable it is in this particular situation but it seems that in playing against Skinny Timmy, in this spot, you are investing into a historical positive probability.  A lot more to consider than just that but it is food for thought.  

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Thanks russemar & bruno ,



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I have Oakland as a 2* play today. That may not be such a good thing for Oakland as I'm having a bad year in baseball. It's just about as much of an anti Lincecum bet as it is a pro A's bet. Oaklands starting to play pretty good ball as they're 8-2 their last 10. The Giants are 4-6 their last 10 and have lost the last 9 games Lincecum has started.

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I was liking the A's & was considering the Under, but Timmy might give up a bunch of runs in the first few innings so I'm hesitant of the under....seems like the A's have been playing better ball as of late...


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A's confidence high after beating LAD last night. After getting spanked last month by Giants, A's will be up to the challenge and will be focused. A's bats are hot and timely during their win streak. I'm looking to the OVER and A's Run line..'Let's go Oakland!'


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I did like them quite a bit when the line(s) first came out. Now, there is little chance of me betting into that movement.

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Yeah man,Jeffs Over lookin real tasty!!


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