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NBA PLAYOFF GAME OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thread Starter NBA PLAYOFF GAME OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! ITS 10 O CLOCK and you have to wake up for work to get there by 9......You show up and you get fired by your boss.....You have only ten thousand dollars left to your name, what are you going to do to survive in this cold world? YOU ARE GOING TO BET YOUR LIFE SAVINGS ON THE OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER TONIGHT AND JUST ABOUT DOUBLE YOUR MONEY!!!!! Now Let me tell you why the Thunder will win and cover tonight. Both teams come into this game off  emotional game 7 wins. The Clippers were more emotional because it was a closer game and with all of the Sterling Stuff hanging over their heads it was a HUGE relief for the Clippers to get the series victory. The coaches and players were thrilled like we have never seen them before. Doc Rivers was acting like he won the nba finals. I do Expect a Let down from the Clippers tonight. The Clippers also haven't left the State of California in almost two weeks so I think the travel will be a disadvantage for them. The Thunder's offense will be the best we have seen it in this series due to the Grizzlies tough defense. Its almost like the Thunder were fighting for 20 rounds in the ring against the Grizzlies and now when they face the Clippers it will be a 5 round fight. There is nobody on the Clippers defense that can slow down durant NOBODY!!!! The Thunder also match up so well against a Clipper team that likes to run and gun and in order to have success against the Thunder you need to slow the game down and have a controlled pace like the Grizzlies did. The clippers are not built to do that and their style of play will be perfect for the Thunder. You can't run and gun with a team that runs and guns better then anybody in the league. I feel the Thunder will make a statement tonight in game 1 of this series and Blow the Clippers out of the water tonight!!.........Take the Thunder as my one and only NBA PLAYOFF GAME OF THE YEAR!!!!!!


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Like it!! Lets get get get it!

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Im on that large as well shark. Lets get this $$$$$

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You are over due for a win and I agree with this play.

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Get that dough!

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Shark I LOVE THIS PLAY!  GL tonight!

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Get em shark.. BOL bud

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Like it now at 5

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I'll try it. I will also parlay it with Cleveland. Should have nice money on tuesday. GL

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BOL on ur monster play


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