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Gary Neal Support Thread

Thread Starter Gary Neal Support Thread
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I wanted to create this thread so the community had a place to leave messages for Bobcats guard Gary Neal (close personal friend of forum member Madman Producer). (maybe a mod could sticky this).

Gary- Don't hang your head. You gave it your all and that's what counts. The Bobcats would not have even made the playoffs it weren't for you. We are proud of you!

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hell of a season for the bobcats and overall a great series even tho they didnt win a game. It was also great to see all the fans stick around and applause this team, only good things to come to this franchise

Madman Producer
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Gary had a hell of a season, and will only continue to rise. He easily can shoot from anywhere

Gary we miss u man! GSGGGSG

Thanks Dub, !,,

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