The Bulls are off a 102-87 win over the Timberwolves in which Joakim Noah logged an unusual 40-plus minutes.  TRhis activates a career-perfect OU player-based totals trend.  Chicago is 0-12 OU in franchise history at home when they are off a road win in which Joakim Noah scored 10-plus points and player more than 38 minutes.

The SDQL text is:

H and p:AW and Joakim Noah:p:points>=10 and Joakim Noah:p:minutes>38

To see the game listing for the above situations, paste the above SDQL text into the query box at:


and then click the SDQL! button.

Note that the Bulls have stayed under by an average of more than 15 ppg and this includes an overtime game that stayed under.

This is just one of MANY factors that might be considered when handicapping the Bulls - Pistons' game tonight. 

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BOL to all.

Dr M.

Note:  Mastery of the SDQL has given us a significant advantage over the linesmakers, as we are now 104-75-4 in the NBA since New Year's Eve and 49-25-2 this season on our NBA Triple-Dime plays.