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Selling Picks, does anyone make any real money selling picks

Thread Starter Selling Picks, does anyone make any real money selling picks
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just wondering if any handicappers on this site or any other site really make any money selling picks assuming they win. Thanks for any input.

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If your thinking of selling, then you are not doing well at all.

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PaulieMitch, so with that logic you are saying no capper here or anywhere else wins.       I don't know the answer to that but I am just saying.      I do have a title under my belt and was in the vegas paper.  If a guy wins and is able to make an additional 100k selling, sounds like a good deal to me. Just trying to get some input from anyone who already sells.

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Yes, but scammers probably make more

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I'm guessing that selling picks is where the really big money is in this business.  Just my two cents...

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Someone who has a long-term track record should have no problem selling picks. If they have the experience and

spend the research/schmoozing time on their selections -- experience and time that most of us can't and don't want

to match -- then they are well worth the price to someone who is betting large enough to make paying them


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Its about marketing.

There is no real way to make a living that way if you are betting the picks you sell.


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Selling Picks is about ...

1) Establishing a rapport within the community over time.

2) Cultivating a following.

3) Creating a conduit to extract sales.

If your willing to take the time to do steps one and two, you can literally host a little word press splash page for $6.99 a month. Add a blog and some social links that all point to your word press page, run a small budget of google adwords, add a sports book affiliates page which pays you 30% or more of gross loses for each person who clicks through your link, and maybe reach out two 2-3 other handicappers who want to sell picks on your site, and now you have a conduit for revenue.


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Reko and everyone else, nice insight.  That leads to another question Reko.  Is it legal for sites to accept advertising from online gambling sites if you are  based in the U.S  on a site hosted in the U.S.   Pregame does not, everyone else (, does. Just curious why pregame does not but everyone else does.

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