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Andre The GIANT Gomes, how is THAT For Timing?

Thread Starter Andre The GIANT Gomes, how is THAT For Timing?
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As some of you know, in Fezzik's Focus, I recommended buying Gomes as my best bet early this week.

I have made some bad calls, and had some timing mistakes in my past, but this one wasn't one of them!


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Elvis, I am waitin' on ya "Special Midnight MAdness Audio"!

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1:45 PST Over/UNDER.......

Just back in

andre gomes
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For a 5 ft 9 guy, "Andre The GIANT Gomes" is awesome Fezzik Big Smile

You were pretty spot on noticing exactly the way I work during the day in the NBA Yes

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Bryan Leonard
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Andre deserves any accolades. Impressive season sir!

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I agree Bryan. Andre is in a zone right now. Keep killing it Andre and BOL to all of us today. Let's all have a winning day. I'm in some heavy company this morning with Fezz, Bryan and Andre. You guys all are very good at what you do. Thanks for all the great work and winning plays!

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Really hoping we can destroy the books with Fezz's props as we have done with Andre on the NBA. Yes, Fezz, your Andre recommendation was your best play of the year.

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Andre is the man!!

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