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Bookmakers think Heat are better. Bettors think Thunder are better.

Thread Starter Bookmakers think Heat are better. Bettors think Thunder are better.
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Series opened Thunder -135 at Pinny.

Big money on Thunder so far.

Moving consensus number to . . .

OKC $165 wins $100 (implying 61% chance of winning)
Miami: $100 wins $145 (implying 39% chance of winning)

Interesting to note that -150 is typical for home team in series if teams are considered evenly matched.

So, series price opened (i.e., the bookies opinion) assuming Heat were slightly better, and now the betting market has weighed in that OKC is slightly better.

What do you think?

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with a healthy BOSH MIAMI wins in 6


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I like the heat to win it all. And game 1 you heard it Miami takes game 1. Okc will be over confident.
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 Tremendous home court advantage  for both teams.  I think that OKC  is a slightly better team, however I believe Miami will win this series.  IMO they will be a more determined after getting close last year.  Bosh has really energized them.  Lebron seems to have found himself .  Tremendous game six against the Celtics and after bouncing in the first half of game seven, awesome comeback in the second quarter.  I am not taking anything away from OKC. Beating a team 4 straight after they won 20 in a row, Wow!  The edge comes from the Heat being there last season!  GL to everyone.

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It's worth noting that in the NBA finals, the home court shifts to a 2-3-2 schedule, meaning OKC hosts games 1 & 2, Miami hosts games 3, 4, & 5, then if necessary back to OKC for games 6 & 7. If Miami can steal one of the first two games, they've got a great shot at winning the title.

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I didn't know it was 2-3-2...I hammered OKC for the series and winning it 4-1 but I have always been dumb money.  The two best teams were San Antonio and OKC and I have to back the winner of that match-up.

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I'd like to know your thoughts on what type of action moved the price that much.  Sharp? Square?  Both?

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Sometimes its hard to tell in basketball whos better....i whip somebody one game....then get whipped 2 days later by tha same team.....then come back and win again....then get whipped again. Then you got refs dictatin some of tha stuff. Im just takin it game by game. Im ridin with Miami and tha points this first one.

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