A miss with Samford as the Thursday free play in a game where I was simply on the wrong side. Tonight’s free play will be a rare big chalk piece in the NBA.


Take: WARRIORS -13.5

Unlike last season when they were basically all out to win every game big, this year it’s a case of picking spots to play the Warriors as heavy chalk.

I think this is one of those spots. Golden State should be up for this game, as they got their teeth kicked in at Memphis last month. Memphis was up 61-38 at halftime and it was a blowout from start to finish. I suspect we get a pretty intense effort from GS tonight as that was a humiliating defeat.

The Warriors had only three in-season revenge games last year and got the job done each time. They’ve had just one spot this year and beat the Lakers by 43. Memphis is a decent enough team, but I believe they’re in trouble tonight. I’m laying the lumber with the Warriors in this game.


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Good luck!