Obama Haters: Blame Mike Ditka!


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Obama Haters: Blame Mike Ditka!

Barack Obama can thank Mike Ditka if he becomes President.

Barack Obama's easy win in the 2004 Illinois Senate race catapulted him to national fame and set him on his current path toward the White House. It was a convincing victory that is now but a footnote in the career of the Democratic presidential nominee. But that victory wasn't as assured as it appears in retrospect. For a few days in the summer of '04 there was the very real possibility that the Republican opponent in Obama's first major election battle race would be Chicago Bears coaching legend Mike Ditka.

Jack Ryan had won the Republican primary that year, but dropped out of the race after the release of embarrassing papers from his high-profile divorce with actress Jeri Ryan. The vacancy left GOP leaders in the state scrambling to find a replacement. With fears that the election was all but lost, Republicans wanted a major name to turn the tide. Ditka was that name.

There's no way to know whether Ditka would have won but, remember, Obama was still a virtual unknown in Illinois in June of '04. Had Ditka run and won, Obama most-assuredly wouldn't be running for president today. Either way, the Hall of Famer almost certainly would have received more than the 27% of votes that eventual nominee Alan Keyes garnered in November.

  • In 2004, when Mike Ditka considered running against him for Senate, Obama - remembering how Ditka let William Perry score a Super Bowl TD instead of Walter Payton - said that "anybody who would give the ball to Refrigerator Perry instead of Sweetness doesn't have very good judgment." Ditka didn't run. "Too bad," Obama says. "We were hoping he would."

  • Nice response Naf. I cannot stand how people still call Obama a muslim that is just plain ignorance if you ask me. If you honestly think that Obama could be this close to being president of the United States of America and be a muslim then one of 2 things is going on. One you are illiterate and don't know how to read to research who you are really voting for or two you are a racist yourself and have always voted on the republican ticket because your grandfather was a republican and your dad was also a republican so thats the way you will always vote because you dont have a brain of your own.

  • footballer, its lil tricks like u that keep giving hope to a 90 year-old washington lifer and his walmart shoppin ditz for a vp...im a military veteran who served in the first gulf war and yet am not inclined to vote for a military hero just because he served...i served and im not asking for anything special...racist muslim? its that kind of outright lie and ignorance that makes u forget that mccain voted against educational benefits for war veteranswho didn't serve at least 3 years in iraq

    or afghanistan...or him supporting bush 90% of time...u must be making big money in order to vote for mcbush...either that or u are just an outright racist with no regard for what comes out of your ignorant mouth...wanna talk about shady? ever heard of the Keating 5? research that and then come back to the table.....

  • Floridachad, how are you possibly voting for a racist muslim over an American war hero??  SLIP Sliding Away----  Oh and a deceptive character with a VERY shady background.  So your man is the same as the "getto blasters" preference? That really puts it over the top.

  • Floridachad -- You think only ugly women should be forced into 3-ways?  What's wrong with that Jen Ryan anyway?  She should have been forcing Jack into those 3-ways.  Here's a poll for you.  Which two would you rather have in your 3-way?

    Janet Reno and Rosie O'Donnell

    Jen Ryan and Michelle Obama

    Ann Coulter and Hillary

    Elizabeth Kucinich and her Pierced Tongue

  • 7 of 9, Giddy up!

  • First, Jack Ryan was a damn fool.  How can be married to such a hot piece of ass as Jeri Ryan and try to force her into 3-ways?  Idiot.

    Second, one more reason to love Iron Mike.  Obama 08 :D