It's Time for Tyson vs Kimbo Slice and Pregame Will Lead the Way


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It's Time for Tyson vs Kimbo Slice and Pregame Will Lead the Way

Tommy Rider is trying to lure Mike Tyson out of retirement to fight MMA hype machine Kimbo Slice.

It's time. It's time for Mike Tyson and Kimbo Slice to square off and Pregame has what it takes to put this thing together. Let me explain.

Back in May, EliteXC President Gary Shaw said he would sign off on a Slice-Tyson fight "in a heartbeat." And that's back when the company had a pulse. Now EliteXC is hours away from closing its doors and only a fight this monumental can save them. It needs to happen. It must happen.

First, let's not kid ourselves. This fight would generate the most money in the history of boxing/MMA. It wouldn't even be close. The biggest revenue fight ever was Tyson and Lennox Lewis and let's be honest, Lennox Lewis has very little appeal to the general public. Slice, even though he lost his last fight, is a huge draw and always will be.

Let's look at Slice for a second. His MMA career is just about over. He came on the scene and made big money but he's not an MMA fighter. What he can do is punch and punch hard. Plus, he has that "it" factor that makes people care about him, no matter what he's doing. So it's not like EliteXC needs to worry about this guy's future. The company and Slice are both living on borrowed time. Don't you think they would be interested in a payday of monumental proportions?

So there's no doubt we could get Kimbo to agree to this thing but what about Iron Mike? Well, he's going to be a little more difficult only because he's so drugged up on medication these days, he doesn't even know what's going on around him. But here's the thing: I have a connection with Tyson. The place where he was originally found is called the Tryon School for Boys, located in Johnstown, NY. Guess who grew up just two minutes from there? You guessed it, old Tommy Rider. He's the second biggest thing to ever come out of our town behind the guy who was on Jerry Springer for cutting off another man's penis (true story). And where does Tyson live now? Henderson, NV. And who lives just two minutes away from him? You guessed it, old Tommy Rider. Tell me that's not fate? It's meant to be. I'm meant to put this fight together (with RJ's money, of course).

Tyson can't fight a legitimate boxer because his skills have long been diminished and he knows that. He would get killed. But Slice is just what the doctor ordered. A guy who has the same style as Tyson and is inexperienced. This is an easy payday for Iron Mike and a payday I should mention that would be in the neighborhood of $30 million.

Both Slice and Iron Mike have nothing to lose and a lot of money to gain if this fight were to take place. And as for the public, don't even come on here and pretend that you wouldn't watch this trainwreck. After the De La Hoya/Trinidad fiasco, I vowed to never pay for a fight again and up until now, I've kept that promise. But I would pay anything to watch these two go at it. Is it a sideshow? Sure it is but it's a sideshow that the entire world would pay to see. Pregame needs to make this happen. Think about it: Presents Mike Tyson vs. Kimbo Slice: An RJ Bell Promotion

Let's get it on!

  • Tommy if this fight takes place and you have inside info.

    Please let us know. Because a fade on that bet could be the twin brother to a key to Fort Knox.

    Keep up the good work.

  • I would like to Hitman but Tommy Rider, Inc. didn't get where it is today because I gave away free money. I already have some of Hollywood's A Listers contacting me about these tickets. I like you but let's be honest, you are at best an E List kind of guy. Sorry.

  • Make it happen Tom!  Can you print me front row tickets after you do?

  • Great idea - I'm already ringing the cash register in my head LOL