The Monday Afternoon Backup Fullback (10/6/08)


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The Monday Afternoon Backup Fullback (10/6/08)

It's hard to find a bigger Boner than Norv Turner.

A lot of people have columns called "Monday Morning Quarterback." I was trying to come up with something different and decided to settle on the position I dominated in high school: Backup fullback. No one could block a guy two times a game like the powerful (but painfully slow-footed) Tommy Rider. So now that the NFL season is in full swing, here is the debut of the "Monday Afternoon Backup Fullback." I hope you enjoy my inane observations.

Best Coaching Decision of the Week: Lovie Smith letting Kyle Orton air it out against the Lions. What a great decision by Lovie to give his quarterback some confidence against a joke defense that he knew Orton would be able to take advantage of. Sure, the Bears could have won that game running the ball and playing conservatively but Smith chose to be more aggressive and I think it will pay off down the road. The Bears can't hope to just win games 17-13 and pray that Devin Hester will return a punt for a touchdown. Hey, Orton is never going to be Tom Brady but allowing him to rip apart one of the worst defenses in the NFL should give the young quarterback more confidence as the season goes on.

Worst Coaching Decision of the Week: Mike Nolan doesn't get enough credit for being an awful coach. Just when the Dolphins show the world the best way to defend Matt Cassel is to jam receivers at the line and make the inexperienced quarterback look off his first read, Nolan has his corners playing 10-yards off. I just don't get it. Even the announcers said more than once that they couldn't believe how much cushion the San Fran corners were giving Randy Moss. The worst came late in the game when the Patriots had a third-and-long from midfield and the Niners rushed just three and dropped eight back into coverage. Here's the problem. San Fran was down by six so all the Pats had to do was gain 15-18 yards, kick a field goal and the game is over. Well, that's exactly what happened. Playing scared like that with the game on the line is not only bad coaching, it makes players lose respect for you. Look for Mike Martz to be the 49ers head coach in 2009.

Teams to Fade
I don't like these teams and think they will be good go-against teams the rest of the year:

Eagles - Now that Donovan McNabb isn't playing the Cowboys prevent defense, he no longer looks like an MVP. But my main problem with Philly is its defense. Where is it? This is not the defensive unit we are used to seeing and right now, it looks like last place in the NFC East for Philly and a possible coaching change at the end of the year.

Broncos - I hate teams that are so dependent on one player. Sure, Denver will put up a lot of points this year but so much of its success is tied into Jay Cutler's performance. They have no running game to speak of and the defense is atrocious. Perhaps rookie Ryan Torain will help the ground game when he comes back but overall, I think there is a lot of money to be made betting against Denver.

Packers - What happened to this Packers defense? I know they have some major injuries and that hasn't helped things but even before those players went down Green Bay was allowing way too many yards on the ground. I actually like Aaron Rodgers and I think he's good NFL quarterback but with his iffy shoulder, no running game and a terrible defense, I see seven wins for Green Bay this year.

Colts - I don't care about their lucky win on Sunday, this isn't the Colts team we are used to seeing. The defense stinks and the offense can't carry the team on its back anymore. I think the Ravens have a shot to beat Indy outright this week and I wouldn't be surprised at all if this team is home for the playoffs. I will be betting against the Colts a lot this season.

Player of the Week: Eli Manning. Perhaps it's because I've stood right next to him and seen that stupid look on his face and witnessed his Michael Phelps-like personality up close, but I never thought Eli would make that jump to superstar quarterback. I was wrong. Over the past year, Manning is playing some of the best quarterback in the NFL. He may not always throw for 300 yards but he's making the right decisions and spreading the ball around to a lot of different receivers. More importantly, he's become a leader, something the Giants have lacked in the past. I still say he's the dumbest athlete I've ever talked to not named Willis McGahee but Manning has become a spectacular NFL quarterback.

Quote of the Week: "I know you didn't want to draft JaMarcus Russell. Get over it. He's a good player." Al Davis after firing head coach Lane Kiffin. Of course, what can you expect from a man who looks like walking death? I've seen Davis in person and he actually wears a diaper. Yeah, that's who I want making decisions for my football team, a guy who poops himself.

Boner of the Week: Norv Turner. Come on. What are the Chargers thinking hiring this guy? I bet the Dolphins on Sunday because I knew darn well there was no way the Chargers would cover a touchdown on the road. Of course, they not only didn't cover the spread, they lost outright. I don't think franchises like Dallas and San Diego understand that a team's window to win a Super Bowl is a small one. You have two teams with amazing talent who won't win anything because they think having a competent head coach doesn't matter. Consider this: Would the Chargers be 2-3 if Bill Belichick or Jeff Fisher were the head coach? I think we all know the answer to that question.

  • I NEVER said I LOVED Detroit. I said they had a CHANCE to get off to a Great start with their Schedule. I predicted 8-8. I was WRONG. They'll be Lucky to win 4 Games. AND I NEVER said Orton was the WORST QB...I said GROSSMAN was!!!!!


  • I definately agree with you on coaching. The cowboys would be a lock for the NFC championship if they had better coaching. The chargers are a sinking ship and Norv Turner is now on the hot seat. I think Jeff Fisher has does an unbelievabe with the talent on his roster. I wouldn't mind seeing the titans win a super bowl.

  • Chucky, you're a nut.  You loved the WORST TEAM IN THE NFL in the preseason.  This isn't about the Bears - I have not predicted them to do ANYTHING.  I'm just saying Orton is NOT the worst QB in the division like you thought.  You're OFF.

  • IF the Bears keep Forte, Orton & Brown healthy for the year, u can count on them being in the NFC playoffs.

  • Your Team, The Bears just BEAT the WORST Team in the NFL. This "BEGS The Question" Does Matty O'Shea , when it comes the Bears...."DRINK the Green KOOL-AID"? IMO YES He DOES!

  • No doubt about the Falcons Chucky.  But Orton is certainly not the worst QB in the division like everybody said.  BELIEVE IT.

  • ONE IF....Count'em! And Orton is "NO BETTER" than Kitna or Jackson. '

    Bears better BRING their "A" Game to Atlanta.....Falcons "Got Something" going on!

  • Lots of "ifs" obviously and for the record I'm not predicting anything.  But I can't help but remind all the naysayers that I said this division would be bad due in part to poor QB play.

    Jon Kitna and Tavaris Jackson better than Kyle Orton?

    Funny to see Orton leading all QBs this past week LOL

  • IMO He's AVERAGE at BEST. The Bears beat a Colts Team that was Banged UP & If the Eagles would have Rolled McNabb out ....they would have Scored from the 1yd line. They're LEADING by DEFAULT. There's STILL a LOT of FOOTBALL to be Played. I WOULDN'T be PRINTING PLAYOFF Tickets YET!

  • If Mike Brown can stay healthy, and they STICK with Orton, Bears win 9 or 10 games in that shit division..

  • They beat the Eagles and Colts too and lead the NFC North.  Their two losses were each by a field goal.  Lovie is a much better coach than you give him credit for - ADMIT IT!

  • They BEAT the LIONS....That's like beating Syracuse! They STILL have to WIN 6 MORE to go OVER 8. We'll See!

  • That UNDER bet on total wins for the Bears is not looking good for some people right now LOL

    Has Lovie Smith impressed you yet Chucky?

  • AL Davis wears a diaper and shits himself...LMFAO.....Gold Star that shit!!!

  • Chuck, did you ever end up betting UNDER on the Eagles season win total? I didn't but in that tough division, it's looking pretty good right now.